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If you have dropped by this article, chances are that you are looking for the best 4 person tent for car camping. 4 person tents are great for going on backcountry camping journey with your friends and family. It is very exciting and joyful thinking of spending time camping with your family.

However, a camping tent can break or make your day. Choosing a low-quality tent can cause injury during bad weather. Also, buying a compact and small tent for 4-person can create problems.

That’s why we have spent hours on research and come up with some of the best car camping tents for 4-person just to save your time and make your camping journey enjoyable.


What is a Car Camping Tent?

First, we need to have a clear idea of what is a car camping. Many people think of car camping as going to the campsite with the car and sleeping and camping in the car. But this is not the correct view of the definition.

Car camping means going to the campsite with your tent and camping gears and setting up tents and camping in your tent at that camp spot. In car camping journey, the car is near the campsite and you basically don’t camp miles away with your tent.

In car camping, you don’t have to be concerned about the weight of your tent and gears as they are carried by cars. As a result, the car camping tents are usually heavy and big because you don’t want to compromise quality, livability, and storage in a car camping journey.


Best 4 Person Tent for Car Camping

  • Eureka Jade Canyon 4 Tent

  • Coleman 2-For-1 All Day 4-Person Shelter & Tent

  • ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent

  • Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Eureka Jade Canyon 4 Tent

Eureka Jade Canyon 4 Tent

If you are familiar with the popular Copper Canyon 4 person tent, then you will definitely love this updated and more weather resistant version of that camping tent. So this is basically a 4 person 3 season cabin style camping tent from Eureka. If you move around and like to stand up inside the tent, then this is the one you should go after. So let’s find out why this tent is on our list of best 4 person tent for car camping.


Build Quality:

This is a double wall car camping tent. This means it comes with the inner body and the rain fly. The inner body is constructed of heavy-duty 75D 190T StormShield polyester taffeta fabric. The inner tent also has 4 large 68D Polyester No-see-um mesh window on each side. This will give you perfect 360° view of nature along with excellent ventilation.

Both the rainfly and the floor is also made of thick and durable 75D 190T StormShield polyester taffeta fabric. Also, to make this tent stand against bad weather, the rainfly and the inner tent is coated with 1800mm PU coating and the floor is coated with 2000 mm PU coating.

You should know that the StormShield polyester fabric is better than the nylon in terms of durability and UV resistant.

This car camping tent has interesting 6 hybrid poles. The thick 19 mm Steel main pole along with 13 mm 7001-Series Aluminum secondary pole maximizes the stability and makes this tent perfect to camp in extreme windy condition. As this is a freestanding tent, this is pretty easy to setup than other car camping tents.

Now let’ talk about the weight of this tent. This tent has a minimum weight of 18lbs 1oz. So don’t expect to carry this heavy tent alone or on a hiking expedition.



This is a spacious tent with a floor size of 8 ft x 8 ft (64 sq.ft). Also, even if you are a tall person, you will have no problem standing inside this 7 ft peak height tent.

To keep your tools handy, this tent features two storage pockets. The spotlight of this tent is that it has Eureka’s E! Media Center. It is a three pocket gear loft where your kids can put their tablets and enjoy watching videos as the center pocket is clear and touch friendly.

Another cool feature of this tent is the E!luminate System. It is a removable reflective panel integrated into the ceiling which enhances brightness by 3 times and gives you enough light to read and play cards at night.

You can also bring electrical power cord inside this tent as this car camping tent has Zippered E! Power Port feature.


Eureka Jade Canyon 4 Tent Overview




This tent has lots of cool features. This tent is pretty roomy for 4-person where you can easily fit king size mattress inside this tent. So is this the best 4 person tent for car camping? I would say this is one of them as with this tent, you will have a quality time with your family.


What we like: Very spacious and has lots of headroom. Large 4 window provides excellent ventilation during summer. Strong poles and heavy-duty fabric make this a great tent for bad weather.


What we don’t like: Only one door makes getting in and out difficult when 4 people are camping. Sometimes the door zipper gets stuck easily when trying to open or close the door.

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Coleman 2-For-1 All Day 4-Person Shelter & Tent

Coleman 2-For-1 All Day 4-Person Shelter & Tent

If you don’t like small and compact car camping tent, then you should definitely check out the Coleman 2-for-1 all day 4-person shelter and tent. This massive interior tent can fit 2 queen-sized airbeds! Yes, you read it correctly. So is this the best 4 person tent for car camping? Let’s find out.


Build Quality:

This tent is constructed with good quality materials. This tent comes with an inner tent and a shelter (fly). It also has a front porch to protect you from sun and rain. This tent has  WeatherTec system. This means, during the rainy season, the inverted seams and the welded floor will ensure that water does not come inside.

This has got strong and sturdy steel poles that ensure stability even in the windy condition. However, the steel poles make this tent heavy and hard to set up. It would be better to see aluminum poles as this would reduce the weight of this tent.

You should know that this is a heavy car camping tent and you might have a problem carrying the tent to the campsite from the car if carried alone. However, it is easy to carry and setup with 2 or more people.



The interior is the main selling point of this tent. This large tent has a floor dimension of 10 ft. x 10 ft. This is enough to fit two queen size airbeds.

However, if you put 2 queen size airbeds, you will have no space to spare. So we would recommend you to fit one queen size airbed and one twin size airbed to have some space for walking around.

With a center height of 7 ft. 2 in, you will have no problem standing inside the tent. Also, the vertical sidewalls make it easy to move around the tent.

It has got plenty mesh window for ventilation. The ceiling of the inner tent also has large mesh for excellent ventilation. However, the top mesh doesn’t have zippered closure flap. This means the tent is not able to retain heat during cold weather and also, during heavy wind, dust can enter the tent.



This is a very spacious tent that is great for family camping. However, if you camp a very windy, rainy and cold condition, I would not suggest this tent. I personally would suggest you to go with the Eureka Jade Canyon 4 Tent which has pretty roomy interior and sturdy and has better material to withstand bad weather than this car camping tent. 


What we like: One of the most spacious 4 person car camping tent I have ever seen. You can fit two queen size airbed. With a center height of 7′ 2″, you will feel like you are at home. This tent is great for summer camping as this tent has lots of mesh for ventilation.


What we don’t like: This is a very heavy car camping tent. You will have a problem setting up and carrying this tent alone. The top mesh doesn’t have zippered closure flaps.

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ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent

If you want a dome shape 4 person tent for your next car camping adventure, then you should consider this ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent. ALPS Mountaineering has been the trusted company of many outdoor lovers for many years. But what makes this the best 4 person tent for car camping? We need to dig deeper to find the answer.


Build Quality:

ALPS has used lightweight yet strong and durable polyester materials. The inner tent and the fly are constructed with 75D 185T polyester fabric. The floor is made of 75D 185T Taffeta fabric.

The inner tent is uncoated to make it breathable and this provides nearly zero condensation. To protect you from rain, both the fly and the floor has 1500mm coating that is also UV resistant. Also, to provide the best weather protection, the fly, and the floor has the factory sealed seam.

This tent features shock-corded fiberglass poles. Although aluminum poles would be better, however, the poles included are one size larger than other poles. With two thick 11mm freestanding poles, this tent ensures stability during windy condition.

This tent with a total weight of 11lbs 10oz is not a backpacking tent. This tent is lightweight enough for your car camping adventure.



The base size of this tent is 7’6″ x 8’x6″. This gives us the interior floor area of 64 sq.ft which is not bad considering the weight of this tent. As this is a dome style tent, don’t expect to stand inside the tent. With the center height of 5 ft. this tent has enough room to change your clothes, sit up and gossip with friends and family.

This tent also has lots of mesh walls and window to give you the perfect view of outside and provide good ventilation during the summer season. Also with the dual door, this tent eliminates the need to crawl over the campers to get in and out of the tent.

This tent also includes a gear loft and plenty mesh storage pockets to keep your phones, books, and gears organized.



To my surprise, this 4 person tent for car camping is quite affordable. Also, ALPS has been in the business since 1993, so they know what their customers want and provide some of the best quality tents on the market. So if you want to get away from the busy city life, this car camping tent is a great companion.

If your budget is 200 dollars, then check our article on best 4 person tent under 200 dollars.


What we like: This tent is lightweight for car camping and it is pretty easy and quick to set up. You also have got enough space inside this tent to sit up and play cards with your friends and family. This tent is a great value for the money.

What we don’t like: It would be great to see an aluminum pole instead of the fiberglass pole. Also, this tent has low mesh wall, so this may reduce privacy.

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Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent 

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent 

Many people mainly first-time tent buyers don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a 4 person tent. However, they want a decent quality 4 person tent that won’t break their bank. Mostly, they end up buying this popular Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

So if you are on a budget or looking for your first 4 person car camping tent, you should consider this tent. However, can it be the best 4 person tent for car camping? Read the whole review and you will able to get the answer.


Build Quality:

To stand against bad weather, Coleman has used 150D Polyester fabric. Also, this is a single-wall tent. This means you don’t get the inner tent and a rainfly with this tent. Rather, the fly is build-in the inner tent.

This tent also features the WeatherTec system. This means the seams are inverted and the floors are welded which keeps water getting inside the tent.

There are 4 main telescopic poles at each corner. Moreover, the poles are pre-attached. This makes set up easier and quicker in just 60 seconds! Yes, 60 seconds may sound gimmicking, but if the setup is executed properly, you can truly set up this tent in about 60 seconds.

This tent is pretty lightweight compared to other 4 person car camping cabin tents. However, you should also know that this is not your backpacking hiking tent.



The floor dimension of this tent is 8 x 7 ft. which is around 56 sq.ft. You can easily fit one queen size airbed inside this tent. However, this tent is not roomy at all for 4 people and you will feel cramped if people camp inside this tent.

Moreover, there are no vestibules to keep your gears and bags. But if you intend to use this tent for 2-3 people, then you will have no problem with livability.

Also, don’t expect to stand up inside this tent as this tent has around 4 ft 11 in center height.  This tent features two small storage pockets to keep your small items handy and organized. However, this tent has excellent ventilation which reduces condensation.



Overall, I would say that this is not the best 4 person tent for car camping if you are looking for a spacious tent that you will use in bad weather. However, for 2-3 people camping in this tent is a great option because this tent is cheap yet offers great features. Also, if you are someone who changes camping place now and then, then this 60-second setup instant tent is a great choice.


What we like: This freestanding instant tent is very easy and quick to set up. In just 60 seconds you will have your tent set up.  Good ventilation system reduces condensation and lets the airflow which makes this tent good for summer season.

What we don’t like: This tent is not spacious for 4 people. Also, the integrated fly is not good for extreme rainy or windy condition. There are only two small mesh storage pockets.

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