Best Budget 4 Season Tent That Will Not Burn Your Pocket

If you are planning to camp or hike in this winter season, then you definitely need a 4-season tent. We get very excited while watching videos, reading reviews and researching about tents before buying them. However, this excitement drops as soon as we see the high price tag. So to hold up your excitement, we have listed the best budget 4 season tent that will protect you from harsh winter as well as not empty your pocket.

You must be aware that 4 season tents are not like your regular 3-season tent. 4 season tents are made of thick and heavy fabric to protect against harsh weather. As a result, 4-season tents are really expensive. However, there are some affordable 4 season tents that will not bring disaster to your expedition. Keep reading to find out best 4 season tent for the money

Best Budget 4 Season Tent

  • Luxe Tempo 1 Person Tent 4 Season Freestanding for Camping

  • GEERTOP 2-person 4-season Backpacking Tent

  • WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent

  • Eureka! Mountain Pass Four-Season Backpacking Tent

Luxe Tempo 1 Person Tent 4 Season Freestanding for Camping:

Luxe Tempo 1 Person Tent 4 Season Freestanding for Camping

Firstly, we would like to begin with this amazing affordable single person 4-season tent. Although this is an affordable tent, this tent packs some great features that make it compete against tents that are 300/400 dollars. This tent has also been featured in our review of best one man tent for backpacking. So is this the best budget 4 season tent? Let us find out.


Build Quality & Material:

This is a two-walled tent that means it comes with an inner body and a rain fly. The inner body is constructed of 210T polyester breathable fabric. So condensation in this tent is nearly zero. This affordable tent also comes with a footprint which is not included in many high priced tent.

The footprint is constructed of 210T polyester and the floor is constructed of 210T ripstop polyester. To make it more abrasion resistant, both the footprint and the floor has polyurethane (PU) coating.

The spotlight of this 4 season tent is the rain fly. The rainfly is made of Ultralight 20-deniers 360T Rip-stop SilNylon fabric. This means it is an 8000mm silicone coated nylon. Silicone is expensive and used in high-end tents. SilNylon enhances durability, UV-ray resistant and weighs less than polyester. Also, the slippery surface of this rainfly means it can easily and quickly shed off snow and rain.

This is a double layered tent that keeps you warm in the cold winter yet has enough ventilation to let the air flow in the warm season. This tent comes with 8.5mm aluminum poles, 8pcs aluminum stakes, and 2 guy-lines which provides stability and sturdiness.

Now let’s talk about weight. This tent’s trail weighs 3.3lb while the packed weight is 4.18lb / 1.9kg (footprint included). So this is a bit heavier than most 3 season backpacking tents, however, this added weight enhances weather resistant and thick fabric to keep you warm and protected.


Livability / Interior:

The interior floor dimension of this tent is 35.4 x 82.6 inches (around 20 sq.ft). So this means this tent is quite roomy and spacious for solo camping. You are also getting a nice headroom of 39.3 inches (around 3’3″) which is enough to move around, sit up or change. This tent also has side pockets to keep your phones and tools handy.

This budget backpacking tent has 2 doors and 2 vestibules. Each vestibule has an area of 6.8 sq.ft which is not huge but two vestibule means you can keep your bags and gears on one vestibule and use the other to enter and exit the tent.



This is a freestanding tent which means it is easier to set up than a non-freestanding tent. Also with this freestanding tent, you can move this tent without needing to take down the tent and again set it up. I must tell, this tent has a lot more feature than what you are paying for.

This tent is roomy, portable, durable and weather resistant. Moreover, with the excellent ventilation, you can also use this tent during the summer season. So overall, this is one of the best budget 4 season solo backpacking tent.


What we like: Footprint is included with this tent. Durable, water-resistant and thick fabric provides comfort and warmth as well as protection. This is a freestanding tent with 2 doors and 2 vestibules which is very roomy and spacious for solo campers.

What we don’t like: This backpacking tent is a little bit heavy for traveling a long distance and can cause back pain if you are not used to carrying backpacks.

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GEERTOP 2-person 4-season Backpacking Tent:

GEERTOP 2-person 4-season Backpacking Tent

If you are a solo winter camper and is on a budget then the Luxe Tempo 1 person tent we have reviewed is a great choice. But what if you want to tag a friend with you on your adventurous camping? Don’t worry, the Geertop 2-person 4-season backpacking tent might be what you need. So let’s find out if this tent lives up to the mark or not to be one of the best budget 2-person 4 season tent. 


Build Quality & Material:

The inner body of this tent is the same as the inner body of the Luxe Tempo 1 person tent. It is constructed of 210T breathable polyester. This also features high-density nylon mesh. To protect from heavy rain and to resist tear, the tent fly is made of 210T checkered polyester and coated with 3000mm polyurethane (PU).

The spotlight of this tent for winter campers is the floor of the tent. The floor is made of thick 210-denier Oxford fabric and coated with 5000mm polyurethane (PU). This makes this one of the warmest and comfortable tent for 2 persons during cold weather.

This tent has a built-in snow skirt. So if you camp on the snowy ground, pile snow on the skirt to prevent wind coming in. The inner tent also features two large mesh ventilation panels which enhances airflow during summer and minimizes condensation. This tent has two folding 8.5mm aluminum poles which enhance stability.

The wall panel of this 4 season tent has No-See-Um mesh that strengthens its thermal performance. The packaged weight of this tent is 5.7 lb / 2.59 kg.  Overall, this tent is great for winter condition. Moreover, this tent holds well against heavy wind or rain. So you are getting a great build quality 2 person tent at such an affordable price.


Livability / Interior:

This tent has a floor area of 32 sq.ft. This might sound less roomy which it is, however, you are getting two large vestibules to store any gears or bags that might have to be stored inside without these vestibules. The area of each vestibule is 8 sq.ft.

Although the floor area might not be so spacious, you have got more headroom to sit up and play games or chat with your camping buddy. It has a peak height of 45.28 inches (around 3′ 9″). This tent has got plenty of side storage compartments to keep your phones, books, and gear handy. And large gear storage on top with a built-in light hook.

You have got two large doors with this tent. This provides convenience because, with two doors, you don’t have to go over your buddy every time you enter or exit the tent.



This is a great 4 season tent with a warm and comfortable floor. Although this is not the most spacious tent out on the market, however, you are getting what you are paying for. Overall, if you want a tent for 2-person but don’t have a hefty amount of money to spend on, then I must say this is the best budget 4 season tent for 2-person. You also need to know that this is priced around 100 dollars. The price along with the great build quality, makes this the best cheap 4 season tent available.


What we like: Warm and comfortable 210-denier thick floor. Two large doors with large vestibules. Has lots of storage compartments with built-in light hanger.

What we don’t like: This tent is not spacious for 2-person, however, it does not feel like you are in a coffin and is quite livable. Few users also complained about the not-so-good zipper quality.

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WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent:

WEANAS 1 2 3 Person 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent


With Weanas, you have many options to choose from. As the name suggests, you have the option to choose people capacity of 1,2 or 3. So if you have a family of 3 and want a good budget 4 season tent for 3-person, then Weanas has got your back. This is a lightweight double layer backpacking tent. But can this be the best budget 4 season tent for 3-person? We have to dig in to find the answer.


Build Quality & Material:

You have two series to choose from: The general series and the Silicone Coating Series (Updated version). The general series is priced lower than the updated version. However, we will mainly talk about the updated version because it gives more protection and weather protection. More specifically, we will talk about the 3-person updated version of this tent.

First, the canopy of this tent is constructed of 40-denier ripstop nylon. The floor and the rain fly are constructed of 20-denier ripstop nylon. Moreover, both the floor and the rain fly has a 4000mm waterproof Index silicone coating. So this tent has the capability to withstand heavy rain and UV rays.

This budget tent also comes with a free footprint. The material used in the footprint is 210T polyester cloth. This tent has a high quality extruded aluminum pole with a diameter of 8.5mm. This enables this tent to be stable and fight harsh wind or rain.

This is an ultralight backpacking tent for 3-person. The minimum trail weight (canopy, rainfly, and pole) is 4lb (1.8kg) which is very lightweight for the price you are paying. If you want, you can further reduce the weight by only using the rain fly, footprint, and the poles. This setup weighs only 2 lbs. 6 oz. However, this setup is not recommended during the winter season.


Livability / Interior:

This 3-person tent has an interior floor dimension of 82 x 70 inches (around 40 sq.ft). So this is not a great spacious tent for 3 people. If you carry a lot of gears which is normal in the winter season, this tent might feel small for 3-person. Some camping for a short time with 3-person in this tent is doable.

The peak height of this tent is 3′ 6″ which gives you a decent headroom to sit up. This tent also features a decent size vestibule to store your gears and bag. The 2 large door makes it convenient and easy to enter and exit the tent.



So you have many options to choose from, however, we have reviewed the 3-person Silicone coating (updated version). I must say that although this is a 4 season tent, it does not hold greatly against very cold weather due to the material used.

The floor is not thick and warm as the Geertop 2-person backpacking tent. So if you need a 2 person tent, I would not suggest the WEANAS grey 2-person (updated version) tent. Rather I would recommend the Geertop 2-person 4 season backpacking tent. Although the Geertop weighs more than the Weanas, it provides more comfort and protection in the winter season.

But if you are a person who does not live in a very cold country and want a lightweight backpacking 4 season tent for a family of 3, then I would definitely suggest this Weanas grey 3-person (updated version) tent. This tent is great for all season use as this has lots of mesh and ventilation. Overall, I personally think this is the best budget 4 season tent if you want an ultralight 3-person backpacking tent.


What we like: Ultralight 3-person backpacking tent. Has an excellent ventilation system and plenty of screens to gaze at the star. Can be used all year round. Very robust against wind and rain. The best value 4 season tent for 3-person.

What we don’t like: Not very spacious for 3-person camping. Although this is a 4 season tent, this tent is not warm in extremely cold weather.

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4. Eureka! Mountain Pass Four-Season Backpacking Tent:

Eureka! Mountain Pass Four-Season Backpacking Tent

If you think that the Weanas backpacking tent is a bit low than your budget and you want a premium and high-quality tent that is made to handle shoulder-season snow, then Eureka Mountain Pass Backpacking 4-season backpacking tent is a perfect choice. You also have the option to choose from either 2-person or 3-person capacity.

Eureka is a well-known tent brand that is one of the first choices to many campers. Although this tent is a bit pricy, however, it will not leave you empty pocket. Our list of best budget 4 season tent would be incomplete without this product.


Build Quality & Material:

This is a dome style, two-layer backpacking tent that has full coverage. The inner body is made of 20-denier 400 T ripstop Polyester while the rainfly and floor are made of thicker 68-denier 185T Polyester taffeta. The fabric used is very durable and protective.

For you to use this tent in the rainy season, the rainfly is coated with 1800 mm waterproof rating while the floor has 3000 mm rating. All the seams are also taped to keep water out.

To enhance privacy which keeping the inside zero condensation, the inner tent is breathable along with 40-denier Polyester no-see-um mesh construction.

The main pole is made of robust 9.5 mm aluminum. To withhold against high wind, this backpacking 4-season tent includes pole attachment such as aluminum stakes, clips, hubs, post & grommet.

The 2-person tent has a minimum weight of 5lb 9oz while the 3-person is 6lb 13oz. Yes, this tent weighs a little bit higher than the Geertop 2-person and the Weanas 3-person tent. However, this tent uses heavier and high-quality material to tackle the harsh winter. So you have to compromise between weight and warmth.


Livability / Interior:

The 2-person tent has a dimension of 88 x 56 inches (34 sq.ft) while the 3-person tent has a dimension of 88 x 78 inches (47 sq.ft). The 2-person tent has a peak height of 3 ft 5 in while the 3-person is 3 ft 8 in. So the interior space and peak height is much bigger and higher than the Geertop and the Weanas. You will enjoy spending time inside this 4-season backpacking tent.

This tent also comes with 2 doors and 2 large vestibules. To store your valuables safely, this tent features large gear loft and 5 storage pockets.



This tent features a convertible design. It includes removable side panels which can be zipped and enclosed during the winter season and to preserve warm. However, during the summer season, you can unzip the panels for enhanced ventilation. So this is a true three to four season backpacking tent.

This tent also comes with a footprint which adds to the durability of this tent as it protects the floor from harsh objects and water. This tent is made for heavy weather, be it shoulder length snow, high wind or heavy shower, this tent is the best value 4 season tent.


What we like: Convertible design makes it suitable for both winter and summer season. Large interior space. True 4 season tent. Great waterproof rating. Footprint included.

What we don’t like: This tent is a bit heavy than other backpacking tents. 

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