Top 3 – Best Camping Chair For Heavy Person:

Camping chairs are something very important of an equipment if you are going camping. It is not that without it, you can’t go camping at all or anything. But having one camping chair ar your disposal will surely help a lot. Once you start using them, you will very surely enjoy the feeling of sitting down at the campsite and enjoying the natural winds. That will be quite a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, as you can read from the article today we will be talking to you about the best camping chair for a heavy person. So you can expect the chairs on this list to be a bit different in comparison. The thing about camping chairs is that they are made very lightweight and soft in order to make them easy to carry around. While this might be a very good factor, it is rather a disadvantage for people who are a bit heavy or overweight. However, there is nothing to worry or freak out about. Because we have handpicked some camping chairs that are specially made for heavy people and will be able to take a lot of weight onto them. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at them.

1. Living XL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair:

 LivingXL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair

At first glance, many might think the Living XL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair to be a very soft and lightweight chair. And surely not expect it to carry heavy people. Well, you can put all your doubts to rest, because this chair can do a whole lot. As you can already see from the name, this chair has the capability to put on a weight of around 500 lbs. So if your weight is anywhere near to that, then you are completely fine to go.


As we mentioned before that the Living XL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair might look and feel very soft and all. But in reality, this is a very well and strongly made camping chair. Each and every material and component on the chair is of very high quality. And the components in addition to the overall build is what also makes the chair immensely sturdy as well.


If you are someone who has used camping chairs before and know how they work, then you will very well be able to tell that this chair is a bit unique in its build structure. However, this is by no means a bad thing. But rather, the design structure rather helps the overall chair to spread your weight around it when you sit. So that it can give you a very good and comfortable experience. The chair also has the easy portability features as well. Coming to the seat and the hand rest, the seat is very well made and well stitched featuring a 600 D polyester material. You will also be able to find pockets in the seat, the back as well as on the armrest as well. On the right side of the armrest, you will find a cup holder as well. The frame can be easily folded and carried anywhere that you may like. The weight of just 10 pounds makes the overall task much easier.



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2. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler:

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

It is not just the chair’s capability to take the weight of you when you are looking for a camping chair for heavy people. But other factors like the size and the comfort of the chair will be needed to be taken into consideration as well. The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is a very good and all-around option for a camping chair. The very first thing that we want to talk about this chair is its reliability. Being a product from the very famous Coleman, you can very much expect to get good brand value and reliability out from it.


Now, coming to the chair itself, it does full justice of the brand name that it carries. Despite being heavy in all aspects, the additional weight really does help a lot in improving the overall build quality of the chair. However, it does not carry any different or unique type of build fabric or anything. And that is a good thing that Coleman did with sticking strongly to the basics. The seat might not have the best of padding, but whatever it has is good enough to deal with heavy people. The seat is also very strong as well. And so is the back part as well. It is also very well padded. Just like every other camping chair on the market, on this one, you will also find side pockets and a mesh cup holder to keep your drink. One of the main features of a camping chair should be that it has to be portable and easy to carry. No matter what segment it might have been made for. This is a feature that surely needs to be there. And the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler surely does. Thanks to its easy folding frame design, the chair can be carried to anywhere at any time.


When you are out there in the woods camping and embracing the nature. There will be times when you would very much want to have a chilled drink. To make sure that you always have your beer cold and chilled, this chair comes with a built-in cooler for bottles. Some of you might think this is there to add attention and doesn’t really work or anything. Well, you are wrong. The cooler part not only works excellently well but it is also placed in a very convenient location for easy access.


When you are looking forward to spending on a camping chair, then we very well want to make sure that you are getting the best possible one in all aspects. And that is why we would very much suggest you get the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler with your eyes closed. No matter the weather conditions, no matter the weight and no matter the situation. This oversized camping chair will ensure your comfort at all times.


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3. STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support:

STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support


In the midst of all the high priced and expensive camping chairs on the market, the STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support not only just because of its price. But also for what it provides as an overall package. While most low priced camping chairs out there use cheap materials and components. Strongback takes a completely different approach and has made this chair rather very premium.


When you are sitting and chilling on your chair, your back must be able to rest comfortably on the pack part. And the back also needs to be very well padded as well. The way this chair is designed, it will give you a very good lumbar support as well as good comfort too. The support means that it will be able to keep your back and posture strictly stable at all times and also relax your muscles. Something that helps a lot when you are sitting around. In addition, the ergonomic design of the chair not only looks good but will also align your hips for maximum comfort.


Because the frames of camping chairs are built in a simple and light manner, at times of extreme UV exposure from the sun they often tend to face damage. However, the steel frame on the STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support has UV protection. So no damage whatsoever will come to the frame. And so is the fabric on it as well.

No matter how wide your hips are or how tall your legs are. The seat on this chair is so wide, that it can accommodate anyone of any height or weight very easily. You can just sink in bliss with the arm and backrests of this chair. They are that comfortable. Coming in at a number of different colors, you can choose from a wide range.



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We have been saying this again and again that camping gear is very important. No matter how small it might be, make sure you are investing at least a healthy amount on them. Do not think by any means that you will be wasting that money or anything. Because investing in camping gear will be worth it. And you yourself will be able to realize that when you use the gear yourself. Nonetheless, the same goes for camping chairs as well. There might be a number of different cheap low-quality options out there. But we will suggest you to keep distant from all of them and get the ones that we suggest.