Top 3 | Best Camping Cot For Bad Back:

The main reason why we go camping is to take a break from our everyday lives and chill out a bit. While we are doing that. We very much want to have the best possible experience. Be it the tents, cots, hammocks and what not. Speaking of that, camping cots are an excellent way to chill and relax while you are out camping. However, since you are looking for a cot for a bad back. You cannot just go out there and purchase any type of camping cot you want. The wide number of camping cots available means that you have quite a few options to chose from. And since you are looking for camping cots for your bad back. Then comfort must be the main priority. So without wasting any more time. Let’s get into it and check out a few cots.


Best Camping Cot For Bad Back:

  • Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot.
  • Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot (33-Inch).
  • Byer EasyCot.


1. Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot:

Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot

Coleman has always been one of our most favorite camping gear brands. And most likely so. Because their products are just amazing. Their cots are no exception as well. In the midst of their huge product range. We found the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot to be the best one for keeping you comfortable if you have a bad back. So what is it that makes this cot so comfortable? Well, let’s take a look. Now, when you are looking for the best camping cot for bad back then it goes without saying that you would very well want the cot to be and perform a bit different from the rest. And the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot will give you exactly that. To keep you nice and comfortable while camping, this has a springy like surface which gives a very nice and comforting experience when you lay down on the cot. This is because of the very good support that is provided by the overall coil suspension system and the thick foam mat.

Most camping cots tend to be very small and compact. This is because producers want them to be as portable as possible. While this might not be a bad thing. The problem with such cots is that they do not give you enough space to move around. However, with the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot, you will definitely not face such a situation like this. This cot has enough space and will be more than enough for you to comfortably lay down. Once you see this upfront, you will realize that this cot is also a bit higher up the ground in comparison to most other cots in the market. The higher raised the cot will be, the better protection you will be able to get from bugs and insects during camping.


Comfort is just one of the many things that make a good cot. There are other points and factors as well. As you will be spending your hard earned money on it, you would very much want the cot to be very well made and durable as well. And so this is. No matter where you camp or whatever goes through it. We can very surely assure you that this will stand strong no matter what. Thanks to the high-quality fabric. The cot sits on a steel frame that has the ability to take a whopping 300 pounds of weight without even dropping a sweat. It won’t matter even if you are 6 ft tall. It will be able to accommodate people of any weight and height very easily. Despite having a steel frame and such a sturdy build, this cot is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs at just around 19.3 lbs, which is around 8.7 kgs. While this might not be the most portable of camping cots out there, it surely is one of the more comfortable ones for sure. However, you do not need to worry much about the portability issue. You can still fold it and put it on your car trunk very easily. It won’t take up much space.


All in all, the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot is rather a very good camping cot for a bad back. With the extra comfort, the extra support with the addition of enhanced durability. You can’t really go wrong with this one. It will be able to take a lot of weight as well. So no matter what you throw at it, it will be able to handle it all with ease. In addition, Coleman is a very reputed brand, so you will be getting the reliability as well.


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2. Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot (33-Inch):

Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot

If you think that loads of padding on a cot are what you are looking for your bad back. Then the Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot (33-Inch) will be exactly the right option for you. As you can already see from the photos. This is a very well padded and cushiony cot. Some would say that it looks a bit different from other cots as well, with all it’s extra cushioning. And so it does. However, there is much more to this than just the padding. First of all, with all the padding, it goes without saying that this is not one of the lightest of cots out there, this one is a bit heavy. However, the weight issue is put into bed by its accommodation offering. As the measurements of this cot are 80″ by length and 33″ by width. You can pretty much expect this to be quite large. And that is always a good thing when you are suffering from back pain and want to move around the cot while you are laying down on it. On top of the padding, the high-quality nylon material will ensure that no harm comes to the cot and its durability is well ensured.

As we mentioned before, this is not of the lightest camping cots out there. Nonetheless, that is not much of a problem because this is still very portable. It can be folded very easily and you can wrap it and take it anywhere you like. It does not take up much space as well. Most campers often face problems with the height of the cots. Luckily, the Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot has adjustable backrest settings that can be adjusted according to your comfort and support. The height can also be adjusted as well.

The Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot might be a camping cot that might look and feel a bit different from most other camping cots on the market. But the point is that it is very comfortable. And at the end of the day, that is what will matter the most when you are seeking for camping cot for a bad back. Comfortability is a category that this cot surely aces in. We can definitely suggest you get this one.


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3. Byer EasyCot:

Byer EasyCot

You will very well understand that the cot is extremely good if everyone is talking about how good it is. The Byer EasyCot is one such tent. It has such good user ratings and reviews, that we just couldn’t ignore this. However, before jumping to conclusions we wanted to test and try the Byer EasyCot. And then talk to you about it. And that we have. So let’s see what this cot is all about.

Starting off with the design, you can very well guess that this is rather a very simple looking camping cot. There isn’t anything special with the design. Nonetheless, it still manages to be very comfortable. So, do not judge it by it looks. Thanks to the foldable frame structure, setting this cot up is immensely easy and hassle-free. The frame is very well and sturdily made as well. Also being immensely strong at the same time. The Byer EasyCot has the ability to size and hold a weight up to 330 lbs, which is quite a lot for such a lightweight cot. Now, coming back to the issue of a bad back, you surely would not want any type of material that would give you a sinking feeling into the cot. Fortunately, you won’t face any issue of that sort with the Byer EasyCot. The canvas material on this one is not only very comfortable but is also uniquely designed as well. So that you do not feel any pressure at your lower back area. Making this cot very comfortable for a bad back. Another main reason why we like the Byer EasyCot so much is that of its sheer versatility. It is not like traditional camping cots that are all heavy and bulky. You can use the Byer EasyCot almost anywhere you want. It will be able to provide you the comfort nonetheless.



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Just like every other camping gear, camping cots are something very crucial as well. Especially when you are looking for one that will be able to work well with your bad back. Nonetheless, when you are looking to buy a camping cot of that sort. Make sure to be ready to spend a few bucks on them. Because the good ones are usually a bit costly, however, the investment that you make will surely be worth it.