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There is nothing more pleasing than sleeping in your sleeping bag after a long day long hiking session. Backpacking adventures can be very tiring and you need a good sleep to recover your energy. If you are on a tight budget yet want the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking adventure, then you have come to the right place.

Nothing is worst on a backpacking trip than choosing the wrong sleeping bag. Other than the temperature of the sleeping bag, the weight of the sleeping bag is also very important in a backpacking or hiking adventure, because you will be carrying that on your should for hours. If you choose a sleeping bag that is not low on weight, you might end up with a cramped shoulder. However, the ultralight sleeping bags are very expensive and may not fit your budget.

Don’t worry because we have done extensive research and shortlisted some of the best budget backpacking sleeping bags that are not heavy and will serve you well during your backpacking trip. We have chosen these sleeping bags based on price, weight, quality, and warmth. Most of the sleeping bags that are mentioned here are from Teton Sports as they offer one of the best budget backpacking sleeping bags. We have listed the products from high-temperature rating to a low-temperature rating. This means we have included sleeping bag for summer, 3-season and winter backpacking adventure so that you can choose the one that fits your nature and condition. So without wasting any time, let us move forward.

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Best Cheap Sleeping Bag For Backpacking

  1. TETON Sports Journey Ultralight Sleeping Bag

  2. Teton Sports Cascade Double Sleeping Bag

  3. ALPS Mountaineering Blaze +20 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

  4. TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

1.TETON Sports Journey Ultralight Sleeping Bag:

TETON Sports Journey Ultralight Sleeping Bag

As you have noticed that most of the sleeping bags in this list are from Teton Sports. Teton Sports makes a wide range of sleeping bags along with other outdoor gears like tent, hammock, and backpack etc. The reason that we have included so many sleeping bags from Teton Sport is the good quality at low price.

If you are planning to go on a backpacking adventure during the summer season, then definitely check out this Teton Sports Journey Ultralight Sleeping bag. This sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 40-degree Fahrenheit and with a packed weight of 2.3 lbs, is great for any 1-2 season backpacking adventure.


Build Quality: The shell of this sleeping bag is constructed of 75-denier diamond ripstop fabric. This fabric is water-resistant and tear resistant. For insulation, this bag features 150 grams per square PolarLite Fleece liner that will keep you comfortable while keeping the weight low.

On the top, you have got half-circle mummy style hood. This hood features drawstring which allows you to keep your pillow firm and keeps your head above the ground. If the temperature drops, you can easily pull the hood around your head to keep you warm and comfortable.


Zipper: This sleeping bag has heavy duty “L” shape zippers. The full-length zipper is fully taped which makes this an anti-snag zipper. It has just one zipper which runs along both sides and the bottom. So you can fully unzip the sleeping bag to form a double-wide fleece blanket. If you love to sleep with your partner, then you can zip to of this sleeping bag together to make an oversized, two-person sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag has a draft tube along the full-length zipper which prevents the air from escaping and maintains the warm. However, if you feel too warm, then you can just unzip the bottom for ventilation. This sleeping bag also features square 7.25″ interior zip pocket to keep your flashlight, wallet, and phone safe and handy.


Size and portability: The size of this sleeping bag is 90″ x 33″. So it is a long and wide sleeping bag that has plenty of room. The packed size of this bag is 11″ x 6″ x 6″.

This bag compresses small and comes with a 12 x 5.5-inches Oxford stuff sack. The packed weight of such a cheap sleeping bag is only 2.3 lbs. So you will have no problem taking this sleeping bag on your next backpacking trip.


Temperature: The lowest temperature rating of this sleeping bag is +40-degree Fahrenheit. However, I have found that this sleeping bag is comfortable at +50-degree Fahrenheit. If you are a warm sleeper, you can comfortably sleep in this bag even if the temperature gets at 60-degree. However, this sleeping bag is not meant for winter or autumn season. If the night gets cold and the temperature falls to 35-degree, then adding some liner and wearing thick clothes may help you to feel comfortable.


Conclusion: Under 100 dollars, this Teton Sports Journey must be the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking during the summer season. The weight is low, it has got good built quality, comes with a small stuff sack and even has an interior pocket to store valuable items.

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2. Teton Sports Cascade Double Sleeping Bag:

Teton Sports Cascade Double Sleeping Bag

Planning to go on an overnight backpacking trip with your partner during the summer season? Then you need to make sure you carry a two-person sleeping bag to keep you comfortable during the night. The Teton Sports Cascade Double Sleeping bag is a great choice at an affordable price. Not only is work as a two-person sleeping bag, but you can also convert this to a long or short comforter and you can even convert this into two single sleeping bag. So let’s take a close look at this amazing sleeping bag.


Build Quality: It features a Poly 70-denier/190T taffeta shell that is durable yet lightweight and packable. For insulation, this sleeping bag is filled with SuperLoft Elite Hollow fiber that keeps you warm and compresses well.

This sleeping bag features double-brushed P5 poly Hi-Count liner which feels soft and cozy like a bed sheet. It also comes with two camp pillows that are also made from the double-brushed micro fabric like the liner.


Zipper and size: Both the side features durable nylon 2-way “L” shape zippers. The zippers are anti-snag so getting in and out of the bag is very smooth. The dimension of this cheap sleeping bag is 87″ x 60″. So it is wider than your regular queen size sleeping bag and can fit two adults with a kid.

The spotlight of this sleeping bag is the multi-functional feature. Along with double wide size, you can convert this sleeping bag into two separate single sleeping bag. Or if you love to sit around your campfire and badly need a comforter, then you can convert this sleeping bag into a short comforter or a long comforter. Keeping weight low is very important for backpacking trips and with this sleeping bag, you don’t need to carry extra blankets.

The 5 different configurations are listed below:

  • The double-wide: 87” x 60”
  • The long comforter: 87” x 60”
  • The short comforter: 75” x 60”
  • The tall sleeping bag: 87” x 30”
  • The short sleeping bag: 75” x 30”


Temperature: This bag has the lowest temperature rating of +40-degree Fahrenheit. So it is a summer backpacking or camping sleeping bag and it is perfect for any 40-degree outdoor adventure. However, this is not a cold weather or late autumn sleeping bag and will keep you comfortable at 50-degree or above temperature.


Portability: At a packed weight of 6.5 lbs, this is not the lightest two-person sleeping bag. There is a handful of double-wide sleeping bag that weighs less than this sleeping bag. However, those sleeping bags are not cheap and will cost you a lot. Being a budget double-wide sleeping bag, this product has a great warmth to weight ratio and will not break your back during your backpacking trip.

A double-sided Oxford compression sack is included with this sleeping bag for transportation. There is no need to fight to roll this sleeping bag into the compression sack. Just put the bottom of the sleeping bag inside the compression sack first then stuff the bag in.


Conclusion: This multi-functional sleeping bag that can be used as one double-wide bag or two separate single sleeping bag or as two separate comforter eliminates the problem to buy one double wide for family camping and one single sleeping bag for a solo backpacking adventure. This also comes with an interior pocket to store your small valuables like flashlight, wallet or phone. The affordable price with such features, this is the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking with your family during the summer season.

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3. ALPS Mountaineering Blaze +20 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag:

ALPS Mountaineering Blaze +20 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Alps Mountaineering a popular outdoor brand that is trusted by many campers, hikers and backpackers. They offer a wide range of products from sleeping bags, tents and outdoor furniture to hiking poles. If you are planning to purchase a decent quality 3 season backpacking tent that will not break your bank, then this Blaze +20 degree sleeping bag might be the one for you. This Alps Mountaineering Blaze +20 degree sleeping bag is their budget backpacking sleeping bag. However, can this be the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking? Let’s find out.


Build Quality: The outer shell is constructed of 210T polyester ripstop fabric that is durable and can withstand abuse. For insulation, Alps has chosen to go with the synthetic fill rather than the down fill to keep the cost low. They have used TechLoft Silver insulation which consists of multiple denier staple-length fibers. These single-hole synthetic fibers have a siliconized finish which is lightweight and highly compressible yet keeps you warm and cozy.

The liner is made of 210T polyester fabric which makes this sleeping bag soft and comfortable to sleep. This sleeping bag has an insulated chest to retain the warmth. This mummy shaped sleeping bag having contour hood and two-layer off-set construction helps seal the warmth in and the cold air out.


Other features: The Alps Mountaineering comes in three sizes: X-large, regular and short. The dimension of each size are(X-large/regular/short): 36″ x 86″/32″ x 80″/30″ x 72″. So choose the size that fits you.

Being a backpacking sleeping bag, the weight disappoints many hardcore backpackers or hikers. The total weight are as follows (X-large/regular/short): 4 lbs. 8 oz./3 lbs. 12 oz/3 lbs. 6 oz. The X-large size is very heavy and I would personally not recommend this sleeping bag for a backpacking trip. The regular and short sizes are not ultralightweight, however, they will do the job unless you are planning to hike miles with these on your shoulder.

For transportation, these sleeping bags come with standard stuff sack. Although an including a compression stuff sack would be nice, you can separately purchase an ALPS Mountaineering compression stuff sack (Check Price on Amazon).

The temperature rating of this sleeping bag is +20-degree Fahrenheit. So it is a three-season sleeping bag that will do great in autumn, early winter, late spring and sometimes in summer.


Conclusion: The build quality of this sleeping bag is excellent. This sleeping bag is very comfortable and cozy to sleep after a long day of the journey. However, this sleeping bag is not lightweight. For backpacking, it is okay to go with the regular and the short size. However, the X-large size is on the heavier side and is not recommended for a backpacking journey. Nonetheless, these sleeping bags are a great choice for car camping or base camping. So I would say that the X-large size is not the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking. Overall, the Blaze 20 is a nice looking sleeping bag that is great for 3-season outdoor activities.

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4. TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag:

TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Here is another great budget sleeping bag from Teton Sports. If you are a hardcore backpacker and walk miles with your gears on your shoulder, then the ALPS Mountaineering Blaze is not a great choice. However, this Teton Sports weighs much lower than the Alps Blaze and it is a great choice for hardcore backpackers with a limited budget. This mummy style sleeping bag has been designed for backpackers and Teton’s main focus is to maintain the quality while keeping the weight low.


Construction: The shell is constructed of durable 75-denier diamond ripstop fabric. The shell is water-resistant and is strong enough to avoid tears even when snagged or punctured. So this sleeping bag will keep you dry from dew, moisture or water spill. To keep the weight low, they have gone with PolarLite micro insulation. This is a 7-denier interwoven insulation that will keep you warm while minimizing bulk.

This sleeping bag also features double-brushed P5 Poly Hi-Count liner that is soft and breathable, so you will feel comfortable and cozy sleeping in this bag. Another added feature of this sleeping bag is a zippered inner pocket. This pocket helps to keep your small valuables safe and handy. It also features mummy hood to keep your head off the ground and your camp pillow in place.


Zipper: This sleeping bag has a durable right zipper. The zipper is anti-snag and the taped and full-length zipper draft tube helps to retain the warm air inside the bag. This bag also features zipper pullers inside and outside the bag, so that you can easily close and open the bag. However, this sleeping bag does not unzip fully, so some user may find it difficult to get in or dry the inside after a wash.


Size: This sleeping bag comes in either short or regular size. The regular size is 87″tall,  32″ wide at the shoulders and 22″ wide at the foot. The short size is 75″ tall, 30″ wide at the shoulders and 20″ wide at the foot. This sleeping bag also has a large foot-box to rest your toes in comfort. So tall and healthy backpackers will love sleeping in this wide and large sleeping bag. This sleeping bag comes in two colors: Green/Grey or Orange/Grey.



Temperature: The lowest temperature rating of this bag is +20-degree Fahrenheit. So this is a 3-season sleeping bag. Many campers and backpackers reported that the warm and comfort level is at a 25 to 35 plus degree temperature.

This sleeping bag has a drawstring hood and shoulder baffle to keep your neck warm and cozy during cold condition. However, this is not a cold weather sleeping bag. This sleeping bag with some cold weather clothes can be used during late autumn.


Portability: This sleeping bag comes with oxford stuff sack for transportation. The regular size weighs 2.9 lbs and the short size weighs only 2.4 lbs. The Teton Journey weighs lower than this Teton TrailHead, however, you have to keep in mind that the Journey is a 40-degree summer sleeping bag and this TrailHead is a 3 season backpacking sleeping bag. You will love to go on a trail with this sleeping bag in a 3 season backpacking adventure.


Conclusion: So is this the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking? For the price and quality, this must be a great choice for 3 season backpacking trip. It has got low weight compared to other 20-degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag in this price range. The shell is durable and the soft double-brushed P5 Poly Hi-Count liner feels like you are sleeping in your home bed. This sleeping bag is great for the long trail as it only weighs 2.9 lbs (regular) and 2.4 lbs (short).

However, if you want a good 4-season sleeping bag, then check out our article: Best Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

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