Best Daypack for Elk Hunting Review with Buying Guide

Elks are one of the most hunted animals in the world. Consequently, they are also one of the heaviest breeds of hunted animals.

Hence, the type of bag that will be used to carry it ought to be very strong and uniquely made to ensure that you feel the weight at the least.

In this article, we shall provide you with a review of the best daypack for Elk hunting. In addition, we shall also have a buyer’s guide section to help you identify the unique features to look for in any daypack for a smooth hunting experience.

By the end, you will be guided to a fruitful bag shopping and exciting hunting escapades.

Top 3 Best Daypack for Elk Hunting Review:

Hunting packs can be very hectic to shop for. This is because they are available in variable fit for day or night hunting or sometimes both. Below are the top 3 daypacks that will not disappoint you.

  1. Eberlestock Team Pack Hide Timber
  2. Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting Backpack
  3. Allen Cases Daypack, Arroyo 3200, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

1. Eberlestock Team Pack Hide Timber:

Eberlestock Team Pack Hide Timber

When it comes to standards and class, then the Eberlestock Team Pack Hide Timber will never disappoint. These packs are arguably one of the best all around you can ever get in the market. Its manufacturers have ensured that you get quality at an affordable price with all the features that you will ever want.

Importantly, it suits all kinds of weather. For starters, the bag comes with a bow carrier inbuilt to ensure that you can easily access your hunting items. Again, they ensure that the bow is held intact. Another great feature is the hydration chambers that has a double spotting scope.

In addition, the material used to make the bag is durable and very strong. It is also waterproof, scratch resistant, and tear resistant. Also, the bag is large enough to ensure that you have enough space for all your items. The main pocket is well sectioned to ensure that all your items remain intact and well arranged.

There are also extra side hooks and pockets that act as extra storage space. Interestingly, its color is dull and easily camouflages with most hunting terrains to minimize detection.

Consequently, it has an aluminum frame that is externally built. This ensures that you have proper support, the pack remains in shape and there is enough space to limit back sweating.

You can load meat from either the top or front. The bag can also serve as a meat hauler. Additionally, it is a great day bag although its manufacturers have made it as an all-weather pack. Such premium material and essential features make this the best daypack for Elk hunting for the price.



  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Large pockets and extra storage spaces
  • Inbuilt bow and gun holder
  • Best suited for all round
  • Strong and durable
  • Camouflages with the environment


  • Scopes pockets are small, hence limits the sizes to carry

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2. Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting Backpack:

Tenzing TZ 2220 Day Pack Hunting Backpack

Elks are one of the heaviest animals hunted. You hence require a bag that is well stitched, strong and with a proper framing to allow support of the heavyweight. With the Tenzing TZ 2220, you do not have to worry about such issues. The pack will cater for all the needs you require with no disappointments.

To kick us off, it is the bag’s frame. It comes with an internal frame that ensures perfect weight support. This, in turn, relieves your back from the extra weight and avoids cases of spine injuries.

Also, it comes with padded sides hips for perfect support. This air-cooled pad allows for proper air circulation. In the long run, it limits sweating for comfortable movements. Consequently, it comes with a gun folder, strong straps for load holding, and extra side straps and pockets that provide extra storage space.

The fabric that makes up the bag is durable and non-elastic. This ensures that it stays for long and keeps in shape always. The durability is attributed to the Dyneema fibers that are believed to be the strongest and make up the bag’s material.

Its main compartment is easy to access and fast. The bag can be used as a meat hauler. If you are willing to purchase a pack for hauling meat, then check out our article: Best Hunting Pack for Hauling Meat Review with Buying Guide. It is also waterproof. Additionally, the zippers are protected by a water-resistant folder that prevents them from any form of rust.

Again, the inside is well sectioned for proper arrangement and also the sectioning acts as extra storage space. Overall, the TZ 2220 is the ideal day pack you need.



  • Strong and durable fabric that has Dyneema fibers
  • Strong aluminum frame for perfect support
  • Air cooled pads for proper air circulation
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Water-resistant zipper flips
  • Strong straps for proper load holding


  • Weight carrying capacity is not that comfortable

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 3. Allen Cases Daypack, Arroyo 3200, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country:

Allen Cases Daypack, Arroyo 3200, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

It is every shopper’s desire to get a bag at an affordable price. It even becomes more interesting if the same pack is of high quality and durability. Such a rare combination is not easy to find, especially the Elk daypack.

However, the Allen Company has ensured that you will enjoy such a deal. Theirs is a combination of affordability and quality. You will definitely fall for this pack. This pack is perfect especially for those that tend to have long walks while hunting.

For starts, it comes with an adjustable waist strap that ensures you have the bag at the right fit of lengths up to 24. Also, the adjustment ensures that you properly balance the weight of the bag. Moreover, their fabric is made of a mossy oak that is durable and very strong.

Again, the pack comes with 3200-inch capacity hydration. Its waist and shoulder sides are also puffed with pads for comfortability. You are less likely to even feel the weight. Consequently, the pack has large pockets. The inside is well sectioned for proper arrangements.

There is also extra pockets and webbed straps to ensure you have all your items as one luggage. The bow and riffle pouches are designed to ensure that they remain intact as you walk and also easy to detach in case you need them urgently.

The zippers are also protected by a rain resistant flip. Its buckles are also long-lasting and of high quality. It is definitely very flexible, versatile and can really come in handy, especially if you are an amateur.



  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Durable fabric
  • Padded waist and shoulders
  • Large and extra pockets
  • Easy to access bow and gun pouch


  • It is quite small compared to the other packs

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Before You Buy – What To Look For?

Day time hunting is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake. It is even more complicated when it comes to the proper backbag. You hence need a guide that will help in insisting on the above-reviewed bags.

Below are the unique features that you ought to look in any daypack for a fruitful and exciting Elk hunting;



Elks, as earlier stated, are among the largest hunted animals. It is hence important that you have a bag that has quite strong frames when purchasing the best daypack for elk hunting. The frames tend to hold the bag in shape while importantly ensuring proper balancing of the weigh.

Most manufacturers are nowadays turning to frames that are externally situated. They are arguably stronger, holds the bag in shape and ideally allows space between the bag and your back to limit sweating.



The size of the daypack is one of the most important things to consider. Most day hunters or hunting escapades are often linked with other activities such as hiking. Incorporating other activities means that you will need space for other items apart from the normal hunting gears.

For this reason, ensure that you go for the largest bag available from the three reviewed ones. Through such decisions, you are able to save on spending on an extra bag and also limiting the luggage you have.

Again, having one load makes it less likely that you might lose some items.


The Bags Material

There are several factors that you ought to look in terms of the material that has been used to come up with the bag you intend to buy. One key thing is durability. You do not want to spend on a bag that will end up serving you for a few months.

Go for the bags that are strong especially in its stitching. Double stitched bags are the best. Your bag material also needs to be waterproof. At times, day time turns out to be rainy and you will need to have all your stuff dry. A waterproof bag will come in handy in such a situation.

Importantly, through its flips, your zippers are less likely to come to contact with water and in the long run, avoid rust.

Lastly on the material is scratches. The forest terrain is not that friendly. There are places that may be difficult to pass and you may need force to push.

Your bag may get stuck but you will not feel happy if it tears or scratches, keeping in mind that such situations will happen occasionally. To avoid such issues, go for the scratch and tear resistant bags. They never disappoint.


Weight Resistance

As we have earlier mentioned, daytime hunting is often incorporated with other activities like hiking. For this reason, you are likely to have extra weight than usual due to extra baggage for the other activity.

Ensure then that whatever bag you go for, it can help balance weight a great deal, while having a minimal weight feel on you. Look for those with straps suspensions that take care of your back by having perfect shoulder support to avoid backbone injuries or distress.



Animals have quite good eyesight. They are actually likely to spot you from almost a mile away. Most proper hunters tend to have gears that camouflage with the forest vegetation but forget to do so with their bags.

Avoid such small mistakes and enjoy your hunting. Go for a bag that is a complete look-alike with your hunting grounds. This way, you are able to move about with ease without distracting your kill. Dull colors are the perfect ones to go for.

Final Thought

From the above review and our guide, it is now very likely that you will make the right decision in buying the best daypack for elk hunting. Go for what suits you.

Look for a bag that will give value for your money and will also not strain your finances. Above all, the above-reviewed bags will definitely not disappoint. Pick any and go for the hunt!

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