Top 3 | Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents | Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are planning to go on an adventurous expedition or camping this winter season, then having a good winter tent is essential. A good tent that will protect you from extreme cold condition must be your first priority. There are many brands who offers 4-season (winter) tent and some are good for extreme cold weather than others. Keeping your needs in mind, we have done extensive research and come up with some of the best extreme cold weather tents.

You should spend a hefty amount of money on these tents because winter tents are not your basic 3-season thin fabric tent. They should be more versatile, prone to snow, wind, waterproof and thick enough to make you warm. Buying a cheap and incorrect tent for extreme winter may cause discomfort and even injury. So based on your needs, location, amount of snow and wind choose the winter tent.


Things to consider:

Material: The tent must be made of heavy-duty thick denier fabric to keep you warn. The material must be good enough to prevent any problem from snowfall, rain, and heavy wind. You should choose a tent that has weatherproof fabric like polypropylene, nylon or silnylon.  The tent should also have some sort of waterproof coatings like silicone or polyurethane. Wind is a major problem in winter, so the tent must have thick fabric to prevent icy wind coming in.

Construction: Choose a dome shape or A-shape tent. Mainly looking for a tent that has steep sides rather than a flat tent because they are better at disposing of excess snow on top of the tent.

Also, the tent’s pole must be strong but lightweight. Choose a tent with more poles which in general enhanced stability. Tents with poles crossing each other maximize stability.

Also, look for a double-wall 4-season tent. The tent body ensures the inside to be warm and cozy while the outer layer fights wind, rain, and snowfall.

Interior space: To be honest, you should look for a tent that is spacious because if the weather gets extreme, you might have to spend lots of time inside. So smaller tent would make feel like you are in a coffin. However, don’t choose a 4-person tent for you and your spouse. A huge tent will not retain body heat and it will not keep the inside warm.

Costs: 4-season tents tend to be more durable, strong and thick, so they cost more than the typical 3-season tent. So don’t expect that you can buy a good 4-season tent similar to the price of a good 3-season tent.

If you have a budget constraint, you should spend less on gears and invest in a good tent, because tents can make or break a winter camping experience. However, we have also included some affordable yet good quality tent that will do fine in an extreme cold weather condition.

Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents:


  1. Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

  2. Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Person Tent

  3. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

This Arctic Oven 12 is an elite camping tent that is unparallel to other cold-weather tents. No matter the temperature is zero degree or freezing minus degree, this beast can handle anything you throw at it. This warm, cozy, comfortable tent defines what a true extreme cold weather 4-season camping tent should be. This is a tent that most base campers dream of having. Let’s see what this beast has to offer.


Build Quality:

The body of this tent is constructed of a material called Vapex. This extremely breathable and water-repellent material produce zero condensation and keeps you very warm. The tent fly that comes with this tent is constructed of extremely durable and sturdy thick 200-denier heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane. The tent fly is coated with oxford nylon that easily fights the heavy wind, snow, and rain.

The floor of this tent is also constructed of 200-denier heavy-duty 4 oz. urethane and coated with oxford nylon. The frame of this tent is made of thick anodized aluminum. The durable steel hub fittings and Arctic-grade bungee cord make this tent strong and incredibly stable. You can cook inside this that without any worry because this tent is made of fire-resistant materials.

The tent and the pole weigh 78lb. The heavy duty thick fabric used to protect against harsh wind, snow or rain has made this tent heavy. This tent needs some manpower to move from one place to another. Overall, this tent has one of the greatest build quality.



Don’t be disappointed by seeing the weight of this tent. This tent is very spacious an roomy with a capacity of 4-7 people depending on the season. The steep sidewalls with a livable space of 152 sq.ft and the center height of 7-foot 2-inches make this tent perfect for family expedition wild-land adventures and base camping for hunting where you can bring lots of gears and equipment.

This tent also features large 46 sq.ft area of vestibule that is enough to store your bags, gears, and equipment. Moreover, you can install a stove inside the tent as the vestibule features 4.5″ oval silicone fabric stove jack with cover flaps.

This tent has one large door and one screen window in the door and another in the back wall. For air to flow inside in the summer or spring, this tent features adjustable high and low tubular vents. You also have got a couple of side pockets to keep your reading materials, phones, and flashlight handy. Overall, this is a very roomy and spacious tent.



Going on a family trip or camping for many days or even a month in the extreme cold place? You surely need this beast to protect yourself from snow, rain and heavy wind and keep yourself warm and cozy. This tent has been the most reliable for many hunters, base campers or research trip campers who even camped on the cold North to South pole!

Overall, I think this is one of the best extreme cold weather tents if you plan to stay for days on an adventure where you will face harsh cold weather and heavy rain. Although this tent can be used all season round, I do not recommend using it in summer as you will feel very warm inside. However, you have to make a hefty investment to buy this awesome tent.


What we like: Thick and heavy-duty material that can take on extreme snow, harsh wind and heavy rain. Very large and roomy with a livable area of 152 sq.ft along with large 46 sq.ft vestibule area. You can easily setup a stove as the materials are fire resistant and this tent has stove jack on the fly.

What we don’t like: This is a very expensive tent and I would not recommend this tent if you are a very casual camper. The final opinion is that this is a pretty heavy tent compared to its competitors due to the fact that this tent uses heavy and durable materials. So if you are some who move from one place to another, then this tent is not for you. This tent is mainly targeted at serious base campers who are willing to accept heavy-weight in exchange of protection from the extreme cold weather.

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Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Person Tent

Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Person Tent

Going to winter expedition with your hunting or camping partner? You need a good 2-person tent to survive the extreme cold weather. This is where the Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Person Tent steps in. This is a premium quality, two people, 4-season mountaineering tent that has become the camping partner of many serious winter campers and climber.


Build Quality:

The tent fabric is made of 40-denier thick fabric and coated with nylon Ripstop DWR. The tent floor and the tent fly is constructed of thicker 70-denier fabric. The fly is coated with Nylon Taffeta 1500mm PU/SIL whereas the floor is coated with Nylon Taffeta 3000mm PE.

The key feature of this tent is the pole. This tent features 5 industry leading DAC Featherlight NSL poles. With 4 DAC poles holding the tent and one on the vestibule, this is one of the most stable and well-constructed tents.

The tent’s trail (tent body, fly, and poles) weighs 8lbs 14oz (4.01 kg) and the pitch light(fly, footprint, and poles) weighs 6lbs 10oz (3kg). The packed weight (9lbs 13oz / 4.45kg) is heavier than its competitors. However, this is tent has better livability than it’s competitors.



This is one of the most livable extreme weather 2-person tents. This tent has a livable area of 41 sq.ft which is enough to hold 2 people. You are getting two vestibules to store your bags and gears. Each vestibule has an area of around 6 sq.ft. Also, you are getting two doors to easily access and exit the tent without disturbing your camping partner.

With a peak height of around 41″ (3′ 5″), you and your partner can easily move and sit up in this tent. You can enjoy the beautiful exterior view of this tent features mesh doors SVX window.



This mountaineering tent has been tested in various parts of the world and it has been proved extremely strong and weather-resistant. It has enough interior space for two people. This tent features through-vent guarantees good air circulation. Overall, I think this is one of the best extreme cold weather tents if you go on a winter hiking, climbing or trekking.


What we like: It is a roomy and strong two-person mountaineering tent. The 5 DAC poles reflect great build quality. It has good ventilation and this tent can be also used all year round.

What we don’t like: This tent is a little bit on the heavier side. It is tough to set up.

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ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

Want an affordable free-standing backpacking tent that will be the winter companion for you and your buddies? You might consider the well known ALPS mountaineering Tasmanian 3-person tent.

ALPS Mountaineering is a company that has been providing outdoor products since 1993. They are a well-established brand that provides high-quality outdoor products. That’s why they are on our list of the best extreme cold weather tents.

ALPS claims that this tent is one of their best selling product lines. So let’s find out what makes this a great tent.


Build Quality:

The wall,  fly, and the floor of this double-walled tent are constructed of thick 75D 185T polyester taffeta. The tent fly is coated with 1500mm PU coating to protect you from heavy rain and snow. Factory sealed floor seams along 5000mm PU coating makes the floor ensures best weather protection and keeps you warm and comfortable.

This tent features a free-standing pole system. So, you can easily move this tent from one place to another without having to take down the tent and again setting it up. The poles are constructed of strong 7000 series aluminum. The pole with the weather-proof shock absorb can absorb strong impact.

This tent weighs similar to the Trango 2 Person Tent, however, this can fit 3 people. So this tent has a better weight-to-livability ratio. Overall, this tent has a good build quality that can protect you from wind, snow, and rain. Moreover, if you want more comfort and protection in the extreme cold weather condition, you can purchase their perfectly matched Floor Saver.



This tent has an interior area of around 44 sq.ft and although this is not so spacious, this can easily hold 3 people. With a peak height of 54″ (4′ 6″), you can easily sit up to enjoy your time with your camping buddies.

For easy access and exit, this tent features two doors with zippered meshed window and two vestibules. The large vestibules to store your gears and bags include pole for enhanced stability and weather protection.

This tent comes with mesh storage pockets along with gear loft. So you can keep your phones, books, and gears safe and handy. The mesh windows provide ventilation that can be fully closed to keep the cold wind blowing in.



This is a great quality free-standing 4-season tent that has thick denier materials to keep you warm and comfortable. The aluminum poles ensure maximum stability and weather protection. However, it would be better if this tent was constructed of ripstop nylon. Overall, this is one of the best extreme cold weather tents for 3-person.


What we like: Thick material with freestanding pole system makes this tent comfortable yet portable. Durable and strong against wind and rain. Large and high vestibule with easy set up makes this tent a great companion for going on winter camping with your buddies.

What we don’t like: Its thick fabric makes this tent heavier than its competitors. It would be better if the floor saver was included with this tent.

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