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As photographers, we often struggle with the fact that there are too many equipment but a little space to store it. It is a common issue especially when we decide to go for a hike but we don’t want to miss a single shot.

Hiking, being an outdoor activity as it is, often gives us incredible sights and landscapes. In those moments, having all of our proper equipment is a blessing. So the best hiking backpack for photographers ensures easy access to the gear.

Today, we’ll be reviewing our main picks that are great backpack choices for photographers.

Our Choice of Best Hiking Backpack for Photographers:

The following backpacks are what we consider the best options for our gear. They feature a combination of elements designed to provide comfort, portability and storage capacity.

  • Photo Sport 200 AW From Lowepro – Hiking Camera Backpack For DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras
  • Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking 
  • G-raphy Large Professional DSLR Camera & Laptop Travel Backpack
  • Endurax Camera Laptop Backpack for Outdoor Travel Hiking Fit 2 DSLR / SLR 4-6 Lenses

  1. Photo Sport 200 AW From Lowepro – Hiking Camera Backpack For DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras:

Photo Sport 200 AW From Lowepro – Hiking Camera Backpack For DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

One of the things that photographers need for their materials is a good pack that could fit all of their equipment properly. In that regard, there are not many options that grant flexibility as this hiking camera backpack offers.

This backpack is capable of fitting a professional-sized DSLR with all of its accessories. It is easily one of the best options to keep your professional equipment, your flash, hydration supplements and everything necessary for your adventure.

Hiking is a fun experience that often gives incredible sights for a photographer. Naturally, not only we need a pack for our professional equipment but also the space for other necessary hiking items as well.

However, this backpack features an unbelievable topload 13.9 liters of space capacity which ensure you can carry all your hiking essentials. It also gives us enough space to keep our hydration reservoir, which could reach up to 70 oz. or 2 liters capacity.

This sounds like a lot to carry but the ultra-lightweight construction ensures that we’ll have a comfortable time carrying it on our shoulder. It makes the backpack durable and it keeps our items in harmony inside. We don’t have to worry about making a mess in the inside at extreme activities.

We enjoy the accessibility in this pack as well. Sometimes we have to act quickly to unpack our camera and the side-access pockets allow us to get to our cameras rather fast if we need it. This is not a cheap low-quality hiking camera backpack. The high quality and right features make this the best hiking backpacks for photographers.



  • Plenty of space for equipment
  • Lightweight qualities
  • Side pockets for our cameras
  • It keeps the equipment in their place inside
  • Great backpack for easy and hard trails


  • Weak straps

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  1. Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking:

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking

After looking through many hiking backpacks, we were really surprised that not many of them included a functional laptop compartment. Everyone carries out a laptop these days and this device is a must-have that the photographers can’t leave behind.

Fortunately, we encountered the Endurax model. This product is an extra-large pack that offers dual compartment. You can put two professional mirrorless cameras with 6-8 lenses. It has many more small pockets for extra equipment as well.

Additionally, there is a safe compartment for your tablets and laptops in this pack which will enable you to carry your tab and laptop on your hiking and edit the beautiful scenes on the go. For me, I take special joy in taking these devices during the outdoor activities. Thus, it let us check the photos more clearly and store images safely.

Another great advantage is the included security system. It facilitates a PVA armored front panel to store digital gadgets as well as delicate photography gear.

Outdoor activities are rough and we’re making abrupt movements constantly. For that reason, it is a great advantage that this backpack keeps our items safe and supports us during our hiking, trekking or any other similar activities.

On the whole, this is the best DSLR camera bag for travel we have tried so far. The organizer pockets, the safety measures, the included waist bag, and many more additions make this product the best hiking backpack for photographers.



  • PVA Armored panel to protect our equipment
  • Compartment for a laptop or tablet
  • It includes a rain cover
  • We also receive a shoulder/waist bag
  • Quick access to our camera
  • The best product for the money


  • Small water compartment

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  1. G-raphy Large Professional DSLR Camera & Laptop Travel Backpack:

G-raphy Large Professional DSLR Camera & Laptop Travel Backpack

The G-Raphy backpack is one of those products that give full control to its users by not telling you where to put your things exactly. Instead, it allows us to adjust and adapt it to fit our style and needs.

This backpack offers flexibility regardless of the equipment you’re going to store. It includes a removable interior that we can adjust easily to put a variety of DSLR equipment, different lenses, and many more accessories. In other words, this pack is customizable and keeps up with whatever we might need.

Accordingly, there are two external pockets that offer more storage space. They are small but great to keep our water supplements, umbrellas and plenty of smaller items.

Furthermore, it has front and side pockets for different applications. The front pockets are great to guard our professional documents and business cards. However, the side pockets are better for keeping our tripod secured and organized.

We also get a gadget bag. This removable bag is capable of holding 1 DSLR and up to 2 lenses. In case we don’t need it for those purposes, we can use it to store our clothing and extra accessories that we can fit in it.

This hiking backpack can also fit 17-inches laptop, so you can carry your laptop and store your images and edit them while enjoying your trekking or hiking adventure. Overall, the resonable price and top-notch features make this the best hiking backpack for photographers.



  • A customizable backpack to fit our needs
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Thick straps for more comfort
  • Removal gadget bag suitable for our equipment or accessories
  • Rain cover


  • Tablet/Laptop compartment does not protect our devices properly

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  1. Endurax Camera Laptop Backpack for Outdoor Travel Hiking Fit 2 DSLR / SLR 4-6 Lenses:

Endurax Camera Laptop Backpack for Outdoor Travel Hiking Fit 2 DSLR/SLR 4-6 Lenses

This product is one of the most compacts we’ve seen so far. From the exterior, people wouldn’t know all the things you can store in it. It might not be the best after you compare it to other brands but it is highly affordable as it manages to assist us during our trips.

Consequently, this backpack is suitable for men and women who enjoy performing outdoor activities of all sorts. It includes a waist strap, a reflective strip, a convenient rain cover for those rough weather conditions and a tripod holder.

As we can see, it is an alright product for photography gear. Photographers can use it to store most of the modern digital cameras, 2 DSLR / SRL camera equipment, 3 to five extra lenses and flashes. Furthermore, we also get a compartment suitable for up to 15.6” laptops.

Even though it is the cheaper product on this list, it is highly durable. It uses fabric resistant to water, YKK zippers that are anti-theft and top quality buckles that provide comfortable use for its users. On top of that, it features a shockproof design that reduces the energy from strong impacts.

Like we mentioned at the beginning, this is not the best option on the market after we make comparisons. Nonetheless, we can say that this is the best backpack you’re going to find with your budget. It delivers great benefits at a very low price.



  • High functionality at a low price
  • Room for your camera and accessories
  • Water-resistant
  • Shockproof protection from impacts


  • If you’re a professional with many pieces of photography equipment, this backpack is not for you

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Best Hiking Backpack For Photographers Guide:

There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind before buying one of these packs. Here, we’ll tell you what you need to know to buy a better backpack for your photography gear.


  • Professional Equipment

Even if you consider yourself an amateur, you should not risk the security of your equipment by buying a low-quality backpack. You want to buy a proper backpack with camera compartment to keep your gear secured and well-organized in the inside.

It is also important to have room for a different set of cameras. Plenty of products listed above have the capacity for at least a set of professional DSLR cameras. This capacity is a great benefit when we decide to take longer trips and take all of our gear with us.

You never know when the perfect shot might present to you; you better be ready for that. We might not use its full capacity but it is always good to have it available for us.


  • Resistant to the Environment

There are certain circumstances we can’t avoid while hiking. Despite all of our preparation and knowledge, we’re still going to receive impacts along the way. Even your local weathercaster says you’ll be fine, you may catch rain eventually.

Fortunately, most hiking backpacks include a rain cover. Therefore, there’s little to worry about when it comes to rainy days. However, not all of them feature a proper shock resistant fabric.

We all know how delicate our camera equipment is. Some cameras are better than others but they all need protection in the end.

The best DSLR camera bag for travel should include functional shock-resistant fabric to ensure our equipment doesn’t suffer from sudden impacts.



While performing outdoor activities, the best hiking backpack for photographers is one of the best companions they are going to have.

It should be capable of carrying every piece of equipment we might need and making sure our experience is as comfortable as it can be.


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