Best Hunting Day Pack Reviews with Buying Guide

Good hunters are aware that a hunting pack is so important in their hunting experience. For beginners, it is important to note that your backpack determines your ultimate success. As you go hunting, you need to prepare early enough before getting to the real action.

The market today contains a variety of hunting packs which are appealing and affordable. As you are preparing to hunt, you need to look for the best hunting day pack for proper storage of your kill.

This article will help you identify the most reliable hunting day packs available in the crowded market. You will also find a section of what you should look for when buying.

Top 4 Best Hunting Day Pack Review:

There are many quality hunting bags in the market. However, they have a slight difference. We have done extensive research and sort out some of the best day pack for hunting. Below are the top day hunting packs that you can go for.

  1. Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Day Pack
  2. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack
  3. Badlands Dash Camouflage Pack Hunting
  4. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

1.Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Day Pack:

Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra Light Day Pack

The best all-around and most innovative hunting backpack that has arguably ever been designed is the Tenzing 1200. This is one of the lightweight and low profile hunting day pack yet can hold lots of gears as it has 8 compartments And pockets. This hunting day pack only weighs 2 pounds. This pack has a storage capacity of 1,211 cubic inches to enable you to hunt and haul all you need.

Both the mesh shoulder straps and mesh back pad are breathable. This means even if you wear this day pack for a long time, you will have no problem with sweating. This pack also has padded hip panels which help to distribute weight evenly.

You can attach extra gear because this hunting day pack features two lower compression strap. You do not have to worry about carrying an additional water bottle as this pack is H2O compatible and has a water reservoir of 2 liters. The TZ 1200 as it is known has all you require from weight, material, access, and comfort. So as this day pack is compact and lightweight, it is best for stealth hunting and bow hunting since it does not require much gear to be carried.



  • Very lightweight and low profile
  • Best day pack for bow hunting
  • Lots of pockets to carry gears
  • Shoulder strap and back pad are breathable mesh


  • The pack doesn’t carry weight so well
  • Not good for big hunting

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 2. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack:

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

For any serious hunter, this is the pack to go for. The 2200 badlands bag series has clearly put this brand on amongst the best in the market. This bag acts as a day pack and a hauler for meat. With its almost center gravity, it acts with the natural ability of your body of supporting the weight.

Badland 2200, is made of a T-6 aluminum frame that transfers excess weight to your hip via the molded foam suspension thus making you comfortable. Importantly, it also contains multitude pockets to help you carry your rifles, tripods, and bows, not to forget the 2L of water reservoir.

This pack can be compressed into manageable size due to the design. The Badlands also has a camo pattern suitable for bow hunting. The packs also have other patterns to conceal movement while hunting. Again, they are also made from a versatile material that camouflages to the environment making you move unnoticed.



  • Has a T-6 aluminum frame that gives structure and support
  • Contains inbuilt hip belt holsters
  • Has an integrable hydration system
  • Made of KX0-32 fiber that is strong and durable
  • Comfortable to carry due to the molded foam suspension
  • Fully loaded pack covering all the bases


  • Water resistance is not perfect
  • Poorly organized compartments

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3. Badlands Dash Camouflage Pack Hunting:

Badlands Dash Camouflage Pack Hunting

It is not always that you need a lot of packing space. Sometimes, you need something light and comfortable. The Badlands dash is one such kind of pack that is comfortable and agile. To date, it stands out of the best light designs in the Badland series with a Hypervent suspension and flex rods that distribute weight.

The Dash is made of Ripstop Nylon that is durable. Consequently, it also contains a comfortable waistbelt that is reverse-tightened. The Hypervent suspension increases ventilation by allowing air pass between the pack and your bag keeping you dry and comfortable.

The bag has a Camo approach that makes you undetectable. In addition, it is versatile with an inbuilt rifle holder and integrated rifle boot. The compression straps give you an array of gear attachment options. This pack is also compatible with a 3-liter hydration system and has a total capacity of 1260 cubic inches.



  • Stealthy providing unnoticed movement
  • Has hyper vent suspension giving it higher ventilation
  • Ultralight to make you move faster
  • Made of Ripstop nylon that is durable
  • Has reverse-tighten waistbelt that makes it comfortable
  • Very versatile


  • Has a small capacity which might be waste you
  • Lacks waterproof and water resistance abilities

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4. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack:

LPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

When you feel like you need to carry extra gears then you need to ponder on the OutdoorZ backpack. With a capacity of about 2700 inches, you are guaranteed enough space. This pack has multitude pockets that allow you to possess your gear closely.

The pockets make it a perfect backpack for adventures that require a collection of extra gears. In addition, the pursuit pack has lashing straps and an aluminum frame to help in carrying and supporting the load. There is also a hydration pocket that enables you to make use of your water bladder on the go hydration.

Again, it contains a weapon holder that holds your bow or gun in a drop-down manner, making your hands free for hiking. This product has an adjustable torso range and a waist belt that offers you comfort.

Importantly, it comes with a variety of patterns to give you a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for an extra spacious pack with pockets then you should consider the Pursuit pack.



  • Pockets to keep gear close
  • Easily suspended on a tree
  • Large main pocket
  • Padded waist belt
  • Rain cover


  • Straps are hard to adjust and may require you to remove the pack first

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Things to Consider before you buy:

The market consists of very many brands of bag packs for hunting but you only need the best of them all. For you to be able to make the best choice, you need to have a hint of what to go for.

Packs are of different kinds but there are some basic qualities that you need to look for. However, most hunting packs have almost similar features. Since we are looking for the best day hunting backpacks, we need to look at several day features to consider before buying any.



No matter the product you want to buy, the design always matters a lot. There exists a variety of designs and styles in the market. In terms of design, we talk of a number of pockets, mainframe, and straps.

The design that you chose will automatically determine your comfort. The stitching and waist belts also form an important aspect of design. Depending on the environment and weather conditions, you will prefer different types of designs.



When looking for a hunting daypack, you will encounter two types of frames, the external and internal inbuilt frames. Both frames have pros and cons and but if you are planning to haul then an external frame would be better.

Most external frames give you extra support as well as leave space between your back and the pack for ventilation. This makes your back remain dry and gives you extra comfort. The frame should also be strong enough to support heavy loads.



Durability is an important feature to consider in buying any product in the market. The modern market contains a lot of appealing products but you need to get one that will serve you longer.

Even if a hunting pack contains all the good features, it remains useless if it has a short life span. All the other features such as material, design, and type of frame and zippers determine durability. As you are planning to buy a hunting daypack bag, it is important to consider the durability of the pack.



The quality of the pack is determined by the fabrics used in making it. Good fabric is one that is water resistant, waterproof, durable and scratch proof as well. The market has a lot of fabrics that come in different colors. Some of them are very appealing but still have low quality.

Furthermore, the fabric should also camouflage to the environment and be quiet to give you steady and stealthy movement. As you buy your pack, you should consider the material used to make it.



The size of the backpack determines its capacity. As much as you may try to reduce the size because of the weight, you should consider the capacity of the bag pack in terms of cubic inches.

As you go hunting, your pack should be able to carry all your gears and hunting equipment. The number of pockets and suspension system also matter in terms of what you will be able to carry. A good sized bag pack should be able to carry all your load with a lot of comforts.


Weight Resistance

There are different weights for a hunting daypack. Depending on where you are going to hunt, you will either choose a heavy or light daypack. The weight of the pack will determine how fast or slow you are going to move.

An important factor to note when looking at the weight is how it will react to your back. It is important to choose a pack that supports your back without straining your spine and shoulder. The weight resistance is aided by the straps and the entire suspension system.



When going hunting, the color of the pack really matters. As you move into the forest, your pack needs to camouflage to the environment so that you can move gently without being noticed.

This is to prevent scaring away the animals as you approach them. Most hunters would look for backpacks that match their outfit and corresponds to the environment.


Final Words

After going through all that you need to look for, you can now make a choice of the best hunting day pack. You can simply judge a backpack after looking at its features.

This wordy piece should give you enough insight into the products and qualities you should consider buying. By considering any of the above four bags plus our guide, you are definitely guaranteed to have a value for money spent on any of them.


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