Top 2 – Best Inexpensive Backpacking Tent:

Why Get A Backpacking Tent?

We all know that camping can be very fun and exciting while you are doing it right. However, it is the doing it right part that most of us tend to screw up. In addition to bringing the right equipment and essentials with you on the camping trip. The one thing that will matter the most is your tent. The type of tent you bring along with you on the trip will make or break your camping experience. Now you may ask, that in the midst of so many different types of tents out there, why have we chosen to talk about backpacking tents? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

Well, to put it into simple words. Using a backpacking tent is much easier. Because of its versatility and ease of carrying, using a backpacking tent truly opens up a whole lot of options. If you have even the slightest bit of familiarity with camping, then you will very well know that it is very important to pack smartly while you are planning a camping trip. Pack less, and you might be in dire need of certain things at times. Pack more, and it will end up making your movements around much harder. Nonetheless, while packing for a camping trip, the thing that bothers people the most is the tent. Since tents are so big and sometimes even heavy, carrying with them around can truly make you have a bitter experience. However, a tent is something that you will definitely need while camping. So not carrying one would be a stupid mistake. This is where you can take the help of backpacking tents. Backpacking tents are something really good if you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry and small tent.

All in all, backpacking tents are something really nice to have. However, as you all might know that in today’s world of online shopping. There are so many different types of the same products available, that it truly becomes a tough job finding the right one. The same goes for tents as well. There are so many different options out there, that you will find a pretty hard time choosing the right one. Nonetheless, we are here to filter out all of that for you so that you can easily make your purchase.



Best Inexpensive Backpacking Tent:

  • Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo.
  • Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent.



1. Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo:

Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo with Free Footprint Minimalist Pitch Option

Coming to the topic of inexpensive backpacking tents, these are really hard to find. As they are very few in number. Nonetheless, we have tried our best and have come up with the Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo. This tent is priced under $100 this will truly perform more than what it costs. And we can assure you about that. The Luxe Tempo is a 10T Rip-Stop Polyester Canopy Tent. As it is a single person tent, you won’t be getting much space inside. However, keeping in mind that this is a backpacking tent. That won’t be much of an issue. We personally really like the way this whole tent is designed. The tent has strategic clip placement and this in addition to the pole set works very nicely to give you vertical walls so that you can get a lot of room inside. Also giving you space for your head, shoulders, and foot. No matter how tall you might be.

There have often been complaints that backpacking tents are not pretty good at protecting you from rain or other bad conditions. Well, this is definitely not the case with the Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent Solo. As it has bent points in certain areas, these points create a sloped surface so that the rainwater can easily slide off without any hesitation.

For a normal backpacking tent, this is extremely sturdy. Thanks to the 3000mm polyurethane coating along with the seams and tapes. All of this provides excellent protection from rain or snow. Whatever it might be. The same goes on the inside as well. The No-see-um mesh inner tent ensures wonderful ventilation and starry night view without biting pests. Buying the Luxe Tempo 3.3LB will not only give you a nice, cool and minimal looking tent. But will also save you weight and give you a nice shelter on your camping trips.


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2. Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent:

Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent for 3-Season Camping and Expeditions

If you want something a bit larger in size then the Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent will be a nice option to take into consideration. Despite being a two person tent, it still is very cheap and affordable. That too, maintaining a nice and good quality. The tent is made of a high quality and durable micromesh material. It is not only durable and will keep you dry and secured. But the micro mesh material on the fabric also enhances breathability and reduces condensation. A backpacking tent able to accommodate two individuals at the same time is something truly excellent. And you won’t surely see something like this for the price. And it is not only that, but the well-built doors are so good that you won’t have any problem whatsoever in getting in and out of the tent. In addition, the vestibules can also hold your camping gear very well.

In addition to being a spacious, and weather friendly tent. Another thing that we would definitely want to talk about is its setup. As the Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent is made of a single aluminum pole structure, starting from setting it up to packing it on your bag is a very simple process and will not consume much of your time. If you are looking for a backpacking tent, and you are a bit short on budget, then you can definitely check this one out. It is of very high quality, well made and also suitable for all 3 seasons. It will surely serve you well. There is no doubt about that.



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If you are looking to increase your budget a bit more then you will surely be getting a much better backpacking tent. Have a look at this:

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent – Grey/Orange – 2 Person:

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2 Person Tent - Gray/Orange

One thing common to all backpacking tents out there is that they feature very nice designs. The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent is no exception.With a build that is extremely lightweight, has a ton of features and loads of space. It goes without saying that the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent is one tough competitor. While you have this as a bag on your back. You won’t even realize that you are carrying something. It is just that good. However, do not judge it by its weight. Because it can still pop up to be something quite big. Once you have set this up, you won’t face many problems in staying comfortable inside it. And this is because of how well the overall tent is made. It is made from a soft, breathable double patterned ripstop nylon material in addition to a polyester mesh. The addition of all these materials not only makes the tent tough and sturdy. But also lets air pass through nicely as well.

What fun could you possibly have in camping, if you are not able to gaze at the stars all day long? Well, Big Agnes has you covered here. As the transparent mesh made top panel will give you an impeccable view of the night stars. Unlike most tents out there, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent is extremely easy to set up. The freestanding double walls, in addition to the near vertical sidewalls really gives an overall nice function to the tent. The interior pockets are also really nice to have while camping. In addition to all that we talked about the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Tent, the one thing that we really liked about this one is that it is a three-season tent. Meaning it will be able to handle all weather conditions. And if you are looking to increase your budget a bit. Then this will surely be a nice option to go with.



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A Look At The Prices:

A common misconception regarding not just tents, but all camping materials and equipment, in general, is that people think that they are very expensive. Well, this is not entirely true. Yes, there is no denying the fact that there are higher end products out there and they tend to be expensive. But we won’t be talking about them. In addition, we believe that you don’t need to spend a lot in order to get a good quality backpacking tent. There are excellent options for a good budget as well. So the next time someone preaches you that camping is expensive, ask them where they get their information from.

How Much Does Your Tent Weigh?

The weight of tents is a big thing to look for. Normally, traditional tents tend to be a bit heavy. And there is not really a problem with that. Because of its size and huge capacity. However, when it comes to backpacking tents, you will surely need to make sure that what you are getting isn’t very heavy. You may at first think that this isn’t much of an issue. But truly it is. A lightweight backpack will not only make traveling easier for you. But will also help you to enjoy those long hikes.

It Needs To Protect You From It All:

The basic and foremost function of a tent is to give you shelter and protect you at all times. Be it the weather or anything. The same goes for backpacking tents as well. If your tent isn’t strong enough to protect you from the storms, keep you comfortable during the sunny days, or stay durable for a long period of time. Then all the money that you have spent on the tent will just be of no use. However, all the tents that we will be talking to you about today are of very high quality and will surely serve you well.

How Much Space Does Your Tent Have?

Now, you won’t surely be going camping alone. You will have companions with you. And as you may already know by now, that backpacking tents do not tend to be very large. It can give space to two persons at max. Along with some added space for two sleepers and your other backpacks. The reason we are saying all this is because some backpacking tents out there tend to be much smaller and sports a tent that is ideal for only one individual. So keep that in mind.

Make Sure It Is Easy To Setup:

Be it a normal, huge tent or a one stuffed in a backpack. One thing common between all tents is that the setup process is immensely complicated. However, now there are more and more tents out there today that are much easier to set up. Before you go on to buy a backpacking tent, make sure to identify that it is easy to setup or not. Because that is pretty crucial.

Now, that we have talked a lot regarding what to check and what not. Let’s dig in and take a look at a few backpacking tents out there.