Top 7 | Best Instant Tent For Camping – Our Best Picks

Looking for the best instant tent for camping? You are in the right place. We have done extensive research and listed and reviewed some of the great instant tents that are for camping.

What is Instant Tent?

Instant tents have built-in poles and with the pre-attached poles, you can easily set up the tent in about 1 minute. Some instant tents take around 2 minutes to set up.

Setting up a tent can be very time consuming and hectic, but with the instant tent, you will be able to save a lot of time pitching and setting up your tent. So the introduction of the instant tent has really changed the life of outdoor campers.


Best Instant Tent for Camping


  1. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent

  2. Coleman Camping 3 Person Flatiron Instant Dome Tent

  3. Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

  4. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

  5. CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person, 11′ x 9′

  6. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

  7. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 18′ x 10′

1. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent

Want to have a quick solo backcountry camping adventure? You should check the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent.

This is a 1 person tent that is very easy to setup as it takes less than 1 minute to set up. You can set up this tent on the ground with ease. This tent can also be set up on an oversized cot. However, if you wish to set this tent on a cot, it is better to set up on the XXL cot.

This freestanding tent is constructed of rugged taffeta fabric. The almost full micro mesh inner tent will give you excellent ventilation along with the opportunity to enjoy the nature.

You are also getting a free rainfly with this tent. The rainfly’s 75-denier Taffeta fabric with 2000mm PU coating will protect you from the rainy condition. Moreover, the tent floor is also water-resistant.

This tent features Quick-up System III. The built-in poles make this tent really easy to set up. It is also very easy to take down this tent with just two fingers.

This tent with a dimension of 82″ x 39″ x 32″ feels really spacious for 1 person. Also, this tent features 1 door and 1 built-in vestibule.

Overall, I really like this solo instant tent. If you want a solo tent for camping then this is one of the best instant tents for camping.


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2. Coleman Camping 3 Person Flatiron Instant Dome Tent

Coleman Camping 3 Person Flatiron Instant Dome Tent

Coleman has really pushed the instant tent to a whole new level. In our list of the best instant tent for camping, you will find most of the tents are from Coleman.

This Coleman Camping 3 Person Flatiron Instant Dome Tent takes about 60 seconds to set up. So with this tent, you will be enjoying camping with your buddies in no time.

This is a single layer tent which means the rainfly is built-in the tent. The fabric used in this tent is durable and rugged polyguard fabric. Also, this tent features Coleman’s Weather Tec system that will protect you from the rain.

However, I would suggest you not to camp in this tent on a constant heavy rain because this tent does not have separate rainfly. But you will be fine if you purchase the rainfly separately.

Setting this instant tent is very easy with the pre-attached poles. By are good to go just by extending and securing the poles. Integrated rainfly makes set up more quick and easy.

This is a 7 x 7 ft (49 sq.ft.) tent with a center height of 3 ft. 10 in. So this is a good tent for 3-person, however, you will find this tent better and very spacious for 2-person. In this spacious tent, you can easily fit 1 queen size airbed.

It has E-Port feature which means you can bring electrical power inside this instant tent. Also, to keep your phones and gears organized, this tent has sufficient storage pockets.

Overall, this is a good 3-person instant dome tent that is perfect for camping with your buddies.


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3. Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

If you are on a budget yet want a good instant tent for 4-person, then definitely consider this Coleman 4-person instant Tent Cabin. So why does a budget tent is on our list of the best instant tent for camping?

Although this is an affordable instant tent, this tent has a great build quality and great features. This tent is preferred by many first-time tent buyers and many family campers who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an instant tent.

This is also a single-layer tent which means it has an integrated rain fly. This tent is constructed of thick and heavy-duty 150-denier polyester. The use of WeatherTec system means the welded floor and the inverted seams will ensure waters don’t get inside the tent.

In under 60 seconds, you will have your tent set up with the pre-attached pole system. As this tent has an excellent ventilation system, you can use this tent even on hot summer days.

The interior space has made many campers disappointed. With a floor dimension, 8 x 7 ft (around 56 sq.ft.) this tent may feel cramped for 4 adults. However, this tent is good for 2 adults and 2 kids and perfect for 2-3 adults. The center height of 4 ft 11 in provides ample headroom for sitting up and playing cards with others.

Overall, this is a well affordable instant tent that is loved by many campers. This tent is also great for car camping journey. This tent has also been reviewed extensively in our best 4 person tent for car camping. So if you are interested in car camping, click here to check our article.


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4. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

In love with the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin tent but the poor livability is holding your final decision? Have no worry. This Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent might be the one you are looking for.

This tent is similar to the Coleman 4-person instant cabin tent. The pre-attached poles make this tent to be set up in about 60 seconds.

This tent also has the same rugged and durable 150-denier polyester fabric to fight against bad weather. To protect against rain, this tent features WeatherTec system.

The difference of this tent with the 4-person tent is the livability and the size. This tent has a floor dimension of 10 x 9 feet (90 sq.ft.). So this is a very spacious family tent. If you are not very tall, you will love this tent as the center height is 6-foot. So this tent also has pretty nice headroom for you to stand up.

Overall, this is a great instant tent that is roomy and spacious. This tent has a nice built quality that can stand rainy and windy weather. So if you are looking for a good 6-person instant tent, I would recommend you to go with this tent.


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5. CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person, 11′ x 9′

CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person, 11' x 9'

Here is another great 6-person instant tent. This tent is more livable and less expensive than the Coleman 6-person instant tent.

Setting up this instant tent is just a matter of 60 seconds. This tent also has pre-attached poles. To set this tent up, you just need to unpack, unfold and extend. That’s it!

Unlike the Coleman Instant tent, this tent comes with comes with a rainfly. This tent also uses Core H20 Block Technology. This technology merges fabrics that can repel water with active bead technology.

Also, the door and the windows have water resistant seals along with the sealed seams makes this a great tent for the rainy season. Moreover, the rainfly is fully taped. So this tent is a beast in the rainy season and this tent is a great choice if you camp on a rainy condition with your family.

This tent is also more spacious than the above mentioned Coleman tent. This tent with a floor dimension of 11′ x 9′ (around 99 sq.ft.) feels very roomy and can fit 2 air mattresses. The center height of this tent is 72-inches (6-foot) which is same as the Coleman tent mentioned above.

However, like the Coleman 6-person instant tent, this tent doesn’t have any vestibule to store your gears and bags. So, if 6 people are camping in this tent, there will be no place to keep your gears. However, 4-5 people can comfortably live inside this tent. 

One feature of this tent that I like the most is the excellent ventilation system. This tent has plenty mesh windows and most importantly the mesh ceiling allows you to enjoy stargazing along with superb ventilation during the summer season.

This tent has gear loft and large wall pockets to keep your gears organized. You can also hang lantern or lights to the included lantern hook. The electrical cord access port allows you to bring electricity inside the tent.

Overall, this is a great instant tent from Core. This tent offers excellent value for the money. If you frequently go on camping on a rainy season and want a tent that can withstand extreme rain, then I would suggest you to go with this CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person rather than the Coleman 6-person instant tent. That’s why this tent is on our list of best instant tent for camping. 


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6. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman strikes again with their 8-person instant tent. Coleman is known for providing the best instant tent for camping. This Coleman 8-person instant tent does not fall any short.

With this family camping tent, you don’t have to waste hours pitching and setting up the tent. This huge family instant tent can be easily set up within 1 minute. However, depending on how fast you are, it can take 1-5 minutes to set up this tent.

The build quality of this tent is very similar to the Coleman 4-person and 6-person instant cabin tent. This tent features Coleman’s signature WeatherTec system to protect you from bad weather.

This tent has a large screened window that provides great ventilation during summer and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of nature.

The total floor dimension is 14 x 10 feet (140 sq.ft.) and the center height of this tent is about 6-foot 5-inch. So this is a spacious instant tent in which you can have some quality family time.


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7. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 18′ x 10′

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 18' x 10'

Planning to have a combined family camping journey where you with your brother’s/ sister’s family will spend a quality time? Then you should definitely check this huge Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

I am shocked by the fact that this tent takes only 2 minutes to set up. To set up this tent, you just need to unpack, unfold, and extend the pre-attached pole and you are ready to have a great family time in this tent.

This tent is very similar to the CORE Instant Cabin Tent, 6 Person, 11′ x 9′. This tent also features Core H20 Block Technology. This tent also comes with a rainfly.

The fully taped rainfly along with the sealed seams makes this tent usable in the rain. However, it is recommended not to use this tent in the heavy rain rather it is better to use this tent in a decent weather condition. 

The livability of this tent is outstanding. With a floor dimension of 18′ x 10′ (180 sq.ft.) this tent can really fit 12 people. This tent includes two room dividers. So if you wish, you can turn this tent into a 3 room tent.

This tent has a magnificent ventilation system. The huge mesh ceiling provides nice airflow along with 7 large windows. For easy entrance and exit, this tent features two large doors.

With the large gear loft and 4 large hanging pockets, you can easily keep your gears and phones organized. You also have lantern hook to light up the tent.

Overall, I really like how big and spacious this tent is. However, this tent is the best for the summer season rather than the extreme rainy season. And as this is a 3 season freestanding instant tent, it is not recommended to use this family tent during the winter season. So, if you want to spend a quality time with your entire family, I think this is one of the best instant tent for camping.


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