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Spending time camping and hiking during the winter season with friends and family is fun and enjoyable. Thinking of playing cards and gossiping in the tent while the cold breeze is blowing outside makes the campers excited. However, to keep yourself and your friends and family safe and warm during this cold winter season, you need the right gears and equipment. Most importantly, you need a good quality 4-season tent that can protect you from the shivering cold weather. That’s why, in this article, we are reviewing some of the best-rated 4-season tents out in the market so that you can have a warm and cozy camping night out in the woods.

A good quality 4-season tent should have heavy duty thick fabric to keep the interior warm and if you camp where snow falls, then you should buy a tent with steeper sides because it helps to dispose excess snow on the top of the tent.

Livability is also a matter you should consider while choosing a 4-season tent. Tents with larger interior space should be preferable because unlike summer or spring, you may need to carry more jackets, blankets and other winter gears during winter camping.

Budget is also a factor. However, in the case of the budget, try not to compromise on purchasing a good quality sleeping bag and tent. Becuase these things keep you warm and comfortable during the winter season.  So we have listed some of the best 4-season tents based on these criteria to make your winter camping more enjoyable.

Best Rated 4 Season Tent:

  1. MSR Remote 2 Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

  2. Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

  3. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

  4. Naturehike Backpacking Cloud Up 2 Person 4 Season Hiking Camping Lightweight Ten

1. MSR Remote 2 Tent: 2-Person 4-Season:

MSR Remote 2 Tent 2-Person 4-Season

MSR is a well-known brand for the campers and hikers. They provide one of the premium and best quality product. This MSR Remote 2 Tent is also a premium and a high-quality tent that will make your skiing and snow camping expedition more comfortable and more enjoyable. Due to strong and robust build quality, you can spend as much as 3 weeks in this 4-season tent without any problem.


Build Quality:

This is a double-walled 4-season tent. Which means this tent includes a rainfly and a canopy (tent body). The canopy is constructed with high-quality 40-denier ripstop nylon DWR. The 68-denier ripstop polyester rainfly coated with 1800mm polyurethane & DWR will protect you from rain and snowfalls.

The floor of this 4-season tent is constructed with 40D ripstop nylon with 10,000mm DuraShield polyurethane and DWR and the top of both doors have 15D nylon micro-mesh panels for ventilation. This freestanding tent has 3 Easton Syclone poles which are very robust and sturdy during extreme windy condition. The nearly steep sidewalls keep the snow from accumulating on the top of the tent.

The total weight of this tent is 6 lbs 15 oz (3.16 kg) and the minimum weight is 6 lbs 8 oz (2.95 kg). So for 2-person tent, the weight might seem a little bit heavy. However, 4-season tents tend to be heavier than the 3-season tent and if you compare this 4-season tent to other tents, you will find that this tent is lighter than most of the 4-season 2-person tent.



One golden rule for snow camping that most of the experts say is to go with a tent that is one size more than the intended person size. For example, you should buy a 2-person tent for camping solo. However, with this tent, that golden rule may not be applicable because this tent has lots of interior space along with huge vestibules.

The floor area of this tent is 33 sq.ft and the peak height is 44-inches. So this tent has more interior space and headroom than the expensive 4-season tent Hilleberg Jannu. This best rated 4-season tent has two large vestibules of 22 sq.ft. So, with these large vestibules, you can easily store your bags, boots and snow gears in the vestibule and have to interior space can be fully utilized for sleeping.

One main problem with the vestibule is that the rainfly can float up to five inches above the ground, letting the snow and water inside the vestibule. However, it also includes few gear loops to hang your gear and keep them dry during the rainy season. This tent has two doors and for ventilation, both the doors have meshed window which can be easily opened and closed.


MSR Remote 2 Tent: 2-Person 4-Season Overview




This tent can be used occasionally during the spring and the fall. However, this 4-season tent intended for snow camping and can take the heavy wind. It has got a great balance between livability and weight. With the color-coded pole clips, this 4-season tent is also easy to setup and take down.

However, the bottom edge of the rainfly can float up to five inches above the ground as there are no snow flaps on the sides of the tent. If you have no limits to your budget and you snow camp in harsh weather condition, then this tent is highly recommended.

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2. Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule:

Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

Are you a hardcore snow camper who love to camp in the harsh cold weather for days? If yes, then you need a reliable and high-quality 4-season tent that will protect you from the mother nature and keep you safe in your winter expedition. After extensive research, we came to a conclusion that this Arctic Oven 12 tent is unparallel to other cold-weather tents. This elite winter camping tent can handle zero degrees and even freezing minus degree. This tent is a dream tent of the base campers who camp in extremely cold weather and want a comfortable and cozy tent that will keep them warm in the low temperature.

This tent is also featured in our article: Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents


Build Quality:

The tent body of the Arctic Oven 12 is constructed of Vapex which is an extremely breathable and water-repellent material. The rainfly is constructed with heavy duty thick 200-denier 4 oz. urethane. The rainfly is coated with oxford nylon which can easily withstand heavy rain, snow and wind.

The floor of this heavy duty 4-season tent is also constructed of 200-denier 4 oz. urethane which is also coated with oxford nylon to keep the interior warm and comfortable. The materials used in this tent is fire resistant (FR) and this tent is equipped with 4.5″ oval silicone fabric stove jack with cover flap. This means you can use a stove inside this tent which will not only allow you to cook but also keep you warm inside the tent.

The thick anodized aluminum frame with steel hub fittings and the ¼” Arctic-grade bungee cords make this tent really sturdy and stable during extreme weather. To fight the high wind, this tent comes with many stake-out points and  9 high wind tie-out points.

The tent and the poles weigh about 78lb. You might be thinking why this tent weighs so much. The truth is this tent uses a thick and heavy-duty material to fight against harsh winter and you should know that this is a huge tent that needs some manpower to maneuver this tent.



This huge heavy duty tent is very spacious. Depending on the season, this tent can accumulate 4-7 people. The interior area of this tent is 152 sq.ft and the peak height is 7-foot 2-inches. The steep side walls of this tent means less of the snow will accumulate on the top of this tent.

The vestibule of this tent is also huge. You have got enough space to store your bags, shoes and snow equipment with a vestibule area of 46 sq.ft area. The tent features one large door with screen window. There is another screen window in the back of the tent. The adjustable high and low tubular vents mean this tent can also be used in late summer or in the spring.



This best rated 4 season tent is perfect for base camping, hunting and wildlife expedition and research trips. You can easily and comfortably camp in this tent for weeks with your family and friends without any worry. This tent is constructed and equipped with one of the best materials that will keep you safe and protected.

However, this is a large and heavy tent that needs some work to set up and maneuver. This tent is also not recommended for light campers and during the summer season. You should also keep in mind that this tent does not come cheap. This is a highly expensive tent that needs some thinking before purchasing. Overall, this is one of the best 4-season tents that you can purchase.

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3. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent:

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

If you want a mid-budget decent quality 3 person tent for your next winter camping adventure, then definitely check out the ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3. This tent has enough space for 3-person to camp during the winter season with a large vestibule. This tent also constructed with materials that will keep you warm and cozy during the winter season. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look.


Build Quality:

The walls of this 4-season tent are constructed of thick 75-denier 185T polyester taffeta and 40D nylon no-see-um mesh to keep the interior warm. The rainfly and the floor are made of 75-denier 185T poly taffeta. The floor is coated with 5000mm coating while the rainfly has a 1500mm coating.

The rainfly is UV damage resistant and both the rainfly and the floor of this tent has factory sealed seams which provides great protection against rain and snow. This is a freestanding tent with 7000 Series 9.5mm aluminum poles. The aluminum poles feature weatherproof shock cord which makes this tent very sturdy and strong against bad weather.

The minimum weight of this tent is 9 lbs. 2 oz and the total weight is 9 lbs. 14 oz. The other tents from ALPS like the Chaos 3 weigh way less than this 3-person tent. So this ALPS Tasmanian 3-person  tent is pretty heavy for carrying alone in a hiking expedition. However, you have to keep in mind that the Chaos 3 is a 3 season tent and this Tasmanian is a 4-season and you will face no problem carrying the tent if you split it among 2-3 person.



The interior tent area is 43.5 sq.ft and the center height is 54″. So this tent is alright for 3 person winter camping and it has a lot of headroom compared to other tents. This tent features two doors and two vestibules for ease of entrance and exit. The vestibule area is 21 sq.ft which is large enough to store your gears, bags, and shoes. The vestibules also feature poles which enhance weather protection and gives you more usable storage place.

The two doors have zippered mesh window which provides ventilation. Mesh storage pockets and gear loft makes storing gadgets and gears easy and handy.



This is a mid-budget range 4-season tent that is pretty affordable. This tent is great for winter camping, base camping, and even hiking. However, this it is better not to use this tent in extremely cold weather. On the bright side, this tent can be used all year round.

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4. Naturehike Backpacking Cloud Up 2 Person 4 Season Hiking Camping Lightweight Tent:

 Naturehike Backpacking Cloud Up 2 Person 4 Season Hiking Camping Lightweight Tent

If you are on a tight budget but need a good quality 4-season tent, then check out the Naturehike Cloud up 2p 4-season tent. This is a well-built 4-season tent that is very lightweight. There are two variants: one with 20-denier nylon fabric coated with silicone and another with 210T polyester fabric. We will mainly review the 20-denier silicone fabric with snow skirt.


Build Quality:

The tent body, rainfly, and the floor are constructed of 20-denier nylon. These are all coated with silicone which means this tent is constructed of silnylon. At first glance, you may think that why did we choose the thin 20-denier variant rather than the thick 210T variant. The truth is Silnylon is great for fighting cold weather and they also keep the weight low while maintaining strength and durability.

The inner tent also features B3 breathable mesh for ventilation. The inner tent and the tent fly is coated with 4000mm PU for waterproofing. To make this tent more protected against rain, the seams are fully taped silicon coated.

The two 7.5mm 7001 aluminum alloy pole does a great job against the wind. The total weight of this 4-season tent is only 3.12 lbs (20D with skirt) and the minimum trail weight is 2.73 lbs (20D) and the packing size is 16 x 5 x 5 inches. The packing size is compact and you can easily carry this tent on your next winter backpacking adventure as carrying sack is included.



The interior dimension is 49.2×82.7 inches (around 28 sq.ft) and the peak height is 39.4 inches. This tent only has one door. So, if you are tall and want to camp with another person, this tent can seem compact and small. However, to store your small gadgets, this tent has interior mesh storage pocket.

If you like this tent but the interior space is bothering you, then do not be disappointed. There is a larger 3-person variant of this tent which is Naturehike Backpacking Cloud Up 3 Person 4 Season Tent UV Proof Waterproof (Check Price on Amazon). This 3-person tent has a floor space of 41.5 sq.ft and the peak height is 43.3 inches which is more than enough for 2-person camping and you will also feel okay if you will use this tent for 3-person.

This 3-person tent was also featured in our article: Best 3 Person Backpacking Tent



So this tent offers a lot of protection against bad weather being a budget 4-season tent. I think this is one of the best value for the money 4-season tent and that’s why this tent has ended up being on our list of best rated 4 season tent. If you love hiking in the winter season, then you will definitely like this lightweight tent.

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