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Camping outdoors is a great way to move away from the hectic and busy city life. However, camping is not fun if you don’t have the right gears for camping. One of the most important gears that will either break or make your camping experience is sleeping bags. We all love to sleep after an exhausting day camping and to feel energetic the next day you need the best sleeping bag for camping.

Compromising on the quality of sleeping bag means compromising on sleep. So you need a good quality sleeping bag for camping that will keep you warm and comfortable during the night. The wide spectrum of sleeping bag available on the market will make you dazzle and confused.

That’s why we have done extensive research on hundreds of sleeping bags and chosen some of the great quality sleeping bags for camping that will keep you cozy and comfortable. Whether you will be summer camping, winter camping for looking for a good 3 season sleeping bag, we have got your back. However, for convenience, we have dedicated a separate article for a sleeping bag for cold weather. So if you are into 4 season sleeping bag, check out: Best Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather Condition.

Best Sleeping Bag For Camping:

  1. Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag
  2. Kelty Cosmic 40 Degree DriDown Sleeping Bag
  3. Big Agnes Big Creek 30F / -1C Doublewide Sleeping Bag
  4. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag
  5. Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 °F Down Sleeping Bag

1. Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag:

Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

If you are a person who wants a premium and high-quality yet lightweight sleeping bag to sleep in utmost comfort, then you should check out the Megalite from Western Mountaineering. Western Mountaineering has got lots of premium sleeping bag and for a 3 season sleeping bag, we have chosen the MegaLite 30-degree Fahrenheit which can be used for fall, autumn and even in light cold weather. It can also be used for


Build Quality: The shell of this sleeping bag is made with 12-denier nylon which keeps the weight of this bag low. For better insulation, this sleeping bag uses down fill. Depending on the size you choose, the fill contains 11oz to 13oz ultra-premium 850-goose down insulation that will help to retain the warmth of your body.

This sleeping bag has the horizontal continuous baffle that goes from zipper to zipper. Horizontal baffle means, you can shift the down to adjust the temperature for winter or warm weather, allowing zero cold spots. This sleeping bag also has a water-resistant coating which prevents the down fill from frost and condensation. Instead of a full draft collar, this bag has passive down fill collar which prevents draft and prevents heat from escaping in cold nights. So this sleeping bag has a great weight to warm ratio.


Zipper: This bag features two ways #5 YKK coil zipper that is full length. The full-length zipper allows ventilation during the warmer condition. However, if not cautious, sometimes the zipper can snag the fabric.


Size: You have the option to choose from 3 different sizes. The shortest being 5’6″, the longest being 6’6″ and in the middle, you have 6’0″. The top collar is included in measuring this size, so choose according to your height. The girth of this sleeping bag is 39″, which mean, larger people can easily sleep in this bag.


Temperature: The temperature rating of this sleeping bag is 30° F / -2° C. Usually, sleeping bags that have a temperature rating of 20-degree Fahrenheit or above are usable for 3 seasons. As this has 30° F, you can easily use this sleeping bag for any 3 season camping adventure. It is also good for early winter camping as it has premium insulation and wider girth means you can wear thick insulated clothes and sleep comfortable and warm during cold nights.


Portability: This is an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag that only weighs 1lb 7oz to 1lb 9oz  depending on the size you choose. Also, storage sack and the stuff sack is included and this bag packs very small. Be it be car camping or hiking, you can easily carry this sleeping bag in your journey.


Conclusion: This sleeping bag has a great build quality. This bag is great for any 3-season outdoor adventure. However, this bag has the capability to be your all season sleeping bag. During warm weather, just unzip the full-length zippers to allow ventilation and during cold weather, this bag retains heat and will keep you warm thanks to its premium goose down fill and wider girth which allows you to wear insulated cloths while comfortably sleep in the bag. This bag is ultra-lightweight and has great warmth to weight ratio. Overall, this is one of the best sleeping bags for camping. Whether you cam for a day or a week, this sleeping bag will make you sleep better.

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2. Kelty Cosmic 40 Degree DriDown Sleeping Bag:

Kelty Cosmic 40 Degree DriDown Sleeping Bag

The Western Mountaineering Megalite 30 degree is an expensive sleeping bag. If you don’t have that budget and you want a good looking and quality 3 season sleeping bag for camping that can be used for both summer and autumn, then check out this 40 degrees Fahrenheit sleeping bag from Kelty. Let’s find out what makes this the best sleeping bag for camping.


Build Quality: The shell of this sleeping bag is made of 50-denier down-proof polyester ripstop fabric. To extend the life of this sleeping bag, it has 50-denier polyester taffeta liner, which helps you to keep warm during the chilly weather.

For insulation, this bag has gone with 600 fill hydrophobic DriDown insulation. One drawback of down insulation is that it cannot maintain warmth when the bag gets wet. However, this is not the case with the Kelty Cosmic 40. The hydrophobic DriDown insulation with DWR treated shell, this sleeping bag for camping stays dry longer and dries faster if wet and repels moisture well.


Zipper: This sleeping bag features above average 60″ two-way locking zipper. With this sleeping bag, you don’t have to worry about zipper snag because it has a zipper draft tube with an anti-snag design.


Size: You have the option to choose from either regular or long size. The maximum user height of the regular size is 6’0” and the long size fits 6 ft 6 in people.


Temperature: The EN lower limit temperature rating of this bag is 40° F / 4° C. To enhance the thermal efficiency, this sleeping bag has baffled construction which eliminates cold spot and a fully-insulated draft collar.

A warm sleeper will find this sleeping bag comfortable in temperature of 35 – 40 degree Fahrenheit. If you are a cold sleeper, you will be comfortable sleeping in a temperature of 45 to 50-degree Fahrenheit. However, if you feel very hot during the summer season, you can always unzip the foot for extra ventilation.

If you are planning to camp in High Sierra or you are camping in chilly nights where the temperature is 30-degree Fahrenheit, then wearing some insulated jacket will keep you warm and comfortable. However, during a hot summer night where the temperature rises to around 60 degrees, you will surely feel uncomfortable and sweat sleeping in this bag.


Portability: This bag includes a stuff sack of dimension 7” x 12”. The total weight of the regular size is 1 lb. 15 oz / .878 kg and the long size weighs 2 lbs. 1 oz. / .936 g which makes this very portable and easy to carry. Whether it be car camping or backpacking camping adventure, this bag is lightweight for any adventure.


Conclusion: This sleeping bag is great for any 40-degree outdoor adventure. For being an affordable high-quality sleeping bag, the construction feels solid and durable. The fabric feels very soft and comfortable to sleep in. It also has a large foot box for your legs. Although this is not as light as the Western Mountaineering Megalite 30, it is lightweight if you consider the price. Overall, this can be your best sleeping bag for summer or 3-season camping adventure.

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3. Big Agnes Big Creek 30F / -1C Doublewide Sleeping Bag:

Big Agnes Big Creek 30F / -1C Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Are you planning to go on a backcountry camping adventure with your spouse but want to avoid the hassle of carrying two separate sleeping bag? You should check out the Big Agnes Big Creek 30F sleeping bag which can easily accommodate two adults. Having a two-person sleeping bag eliminates the need to zip two single sleeping bag together and also two-person sleeping in one sleeping bag means it is thermally efficient. The Big Creek is an expensive and high-quality double sleeping bag with integrated sleeping pad sleeve. However, is the money invested worth it? Let’s find out.


Build Quality: The shell of this sleeping bag is constructed of rip-stop nylon and it is coated with DWR which repels water and moisture. It also features nylon taffeta lining which is soft and breathable and has a stain resistant finish. For insulation and warmth, this sleeping bag has high quality SL90 synthetic insulation and the fill weight is 34oz. The loft of the fill is around 20% higher than similar fill which provides more warmth and feels soft and cozy. Synthetic insulation means it dries much faster than down insulation and maintains warmth even if the bag is wet.

The spotlight of this sleeping bag is the integrated sleeping pad sleeve. The pad sleeve is made of Rip-stop nylon and has the capability to slide two 20×72 inch single pads or a double wide pad. So if you sleep inside a sleeping bag and on top of a sleeping pad, you may have experience rolling off the pad at night. This problem is eliminated in this sleeping bag as your sleeping pad goes into the sleeping bag. However, this sleeping bag does not include any sleeping pad. So you need to purchase them separately.

This bag has built-in pillow pockets, so it holds pillows in place. For each person, there is a separate no draft collar. This retains the heat inside and keeps you warm and cozy. Overall, the built quality is great of this camping sleeping bag.


Zipper: It features heavy duty double YKK zippers. This allows easy entry from both sides of the bag. The no draft zippers retain temperature better and keep you warm.


Size and portability: This bag has only one size. It can fit people up to 6 feet tall. So if you are someone above 6 feet, this bag is not for you. The weight of this bag is 4lb 2oz / 1.87kg. This might not be the lightest sleeping bag, however, it is lightweight than most of the two single sleeping bag combined. For long-term storage, it comes with large mesh storage sack and for transportation, a nylon stuff sack is included. This sleeping bag can be used for backpacking, however, this is an excellent choice for car camping trips.


Temperature: The temperature rating of this sleeping bag is 30-degree Fahrenheit. However, if you are camping in a slightly cold weather where the temperature is 21 to 25 degree, then you will feel comfortable sleeping in this bag while wearing a sweater and socks. Nonetheless, this sleeping bag keeps you and your partner warm and comfortable from spring to fall season.


Conclusion: This rectangular two-person sleeping bag with integrated pad sleeve makes it the ideal choice any 30-degree Fahrenheit camping adventure. The fabric is soft and feels comfortable. However, it is not made for cold weather. The foot box is large enough to move your legs around, however, being large, it has some cold spot which is eliminated in any mummy shaped sleeping bag. The fact that it has a sleeping pad sleeve makes this bag very appealing. However, you need to purchase the sleeping pad separately. Overall, being a high quality two person bag, this is the best sleeping bag for camping of two and every penny spent is worth it.

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4. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag:

TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

The Big Creek from Big Agnes is a great sleeping bag to have, however, that bag is very expensive. If you are low on budget and want an affordable queen size sleeping bag that will make you comfortable and keep you warm for your next camping trip, then you should check out the Mammoth queen size sleeping bag from Teton Sports.

Teton Sports provides outdoor gears like tents, hammock and sleeping bags that are affordable and priced lower than competitors. However, many people question the quality of such a low priced product. So is this affordable Queen size sleeping bag from Teton sports the best sleeping bag for camping? Let us find out.


Build Quality: There are different variants of this sleeping bag. The shell of the Mammoth is made of either Tafetta or Canvas. Both of them are durable and can be used for years without any problem. However, the canvas fabric is like cotton. If it gets wet, it becomes very heavy and it takes time to dry. It also features 100% brushed poly flannel liner which feels like a luxury bed sheet and adds to the comfort.

For insulation, this sleeping bag features SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber fill. The fill weighs 11lbs and each hollow channel traps the warm air in and eliminates.chilly spots. You can also insert pillow and it will stay in position as this sleeping bag features mummy style hood. To retain heat and prevent air from escaping, this bag has full-width baffles and full-length side draft tubes. Also, the baffled mummy hood cinches around your neck to keep you warm and cozy.


Zippers: The main appeal of this bag are the zippers. This sleeping bag features three anti-snag durable zippers, one the right and another on the left side and the last zipper is on the bottom of the bag. So each zipper on each side means you can easily get in and out of the bag without disturbing your partner. You can unzip the bottom zipper for ventilation during warm condition.

If you are sitting around your campfire and the night gets cold, you need two thick blankets for you and your partner. Carrying two thick blankets will make you warm but will add to the total weight of the journey and will take up more space of your tent. No worries, this Mammoth queen size sleeping bag has your back. Simply unzipping all the zippers will make this sleeping bag into two comforters and you will feel warm and comfortable wrapping the comforter around you while gossiping with your partner around the campfire.


Size, Temperature, and portability: Like mentioned above, you have the option to choose from either canvas shell or taffeta shell. This sleeping bag comes in two temperature rating, 20-degree or 0-degree Fahrenheit. If you are planning to camp in cold weather then choose the 0-degree, however, in this review I am mainly talking about the 20-degree variant.

This is an oversized queen sleeping bag which is 94-inches long and 62-inches wide. So this sleeping bag can easily fit 2 adults and 1 kid or 2 children and 1 adult.

This bag is not lightweight. The 20-degree taffeta variant’s packed weight is 14lbs, which makes this a heavy sleeping bag. So, this is not your ideal backpacking or hiking sleeping bag. An Oxford Stuff Sack with Drawstring Closure is included for storage and transportation.


Overview of Mammoth Sleeping Bags


Conclusion: This sleeping bag is great for 20-degree Fahrenheit camping adventure. If you are planning to purchase a sleeping bag that will work as both 3 and 4 season bag, then check out the 0-degree variant. The built quality is great and this sleeping bag feels soft and cozy. The Mammoth has the option to function as a large queen size sleeping bag or two comforters. The snug free zippers are great and robust and you can attach as many sleeping bags as you wish to these zippers.

However, you have to keep in mind that this sleeping bag is pretty heavy and it is perfect for car camping or base camping adventures. Another drawback of this bag is the fact that it is difficult to put the bag inside the sack. Overall, for the price, this is one of the best sleeping bags for camping.

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5. Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 °F Down Sleeping Bag:

Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 °F Down Sleeping Bag

Hyke & Byke is a fairly new company that has gained the trust of many campers. They only offer a limited range of outdoor products like sleeping bags and tent only. As they are specialized, they make a great quality product with a price set fairly below the competitors. So if you want a summer or three-season sleeping bag for camping, then check out the Shavano 32-degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag from Hyke & Byke.


Build Quality: The shell of this sleeping bag is made of 400T 20-denier Ripstop nylon. The fabric is lightweight yet strong as it is woven together in a crosshatch pattern which makes improves the strength and makes it tear resistant.

For insulation, this bag features high quality 550 duck down fill. The down insulation has microscopic air clusters which creates loft and retains heat better. This sleeping bag is also water resistant due to the DWR coating, so it will keep it dry from moisture. However, this bag is not waterproof.


Zippers: This sleeping bag comes with heavy duty double YKK zippers. Double zippers mean it is easy to get in and out as it can be zipped and unzipped from the bottom or the top. However, many campers have complained that the zippers snug, so zip or unzip the bag carefully.


Size, Temperature, and portability: You have the option to choose from either long or regular size. The long size is 87″ tall and 32″ wide at shoulder, whereas the regular size is 78″ tall and 26″ wide. So this sleeping bag is pretty long compared to other sleeping bags and you will have no problem fitting inside this bag. This bag also comes in many colors like black, blue, light blue, maroon and red.

This sleeping bag has the lowest temperature rating of 32-degrees Fahrenheit. So, this is not your 4 season sleeping bag. Rather, you will feel comfortable using this sleeping bag for summer camping.

The regular size weighs 2.15 lbs while the long size weighs 2.27 lbs. This sleeping bag is slightly heavier than the Kelty Cosmic 40. So if you are planning for a backpacking adventure, you will have no problem carrying this bag unless you are planning to hike miles carrying it on your shoulder.

It includes a compression bag that is tough and durable. The body of the compression sack is made of 400T 20-denier ripstop nylon fabric, while the top and bottom are made of 210D PU-coated nylon. So the compression sack is robust yet lightweight.


Conclusion: The Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 °F Down Sleeping Bag is a great choice for your next summer mountain alpine or summer camping by the sea. It has nice insulation to keep you comfortable at a temperature of 45 to 60 degree. However, this is not a good sleeping bag for cold weather. One drawback of this sleeping bag is the zipper as it snags often. Although this bag comes in different colors, I did not like the design of this bag. This sleeping bag is not nice looking. Overall, this is one of the best sleeping bags for camping.

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