Top 4 | Best Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather Condition

If you are reading this article, then chances are you need a good sleeping bag for your next winter outdoor adventure. Either you need to replace your old uncomfortable sleeping bag or you are going for your first winter camping adventure. The reason can be any but we will guide you to choose the best sleeping bag for cold weather condition.

Winter camping can be fun or it can be painful. If your sleeping bag does not keep you warm during the night, then you need to buy a new one which will make you comfortable and you can sleep well because camping and outdoor activity is all about energy and if you can not sleep comfortably and feel drowsy the next day, then you might have a bad experience. So getting a good cozy sleeping bag is an essential travel kit.

There are lots of sleeping bags out on the market. However, getting the cheap ones will not do any benefit. I still remember the night I spent camping in agony and could not sleep due to cheap and low-quality sleeping bag. But don’t worry, in this article we have reviewed some of the affordable good quality sleeping bags along with the best quality expensive sleeping bags. We have done extensive research and evaluated and chosen these sleeping bags based on criteria like temperature rating, insulation, design, comfort, affordability, and transportability. So without further ado, let’s see what are the best sleeping bag for cold weather.


Best Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather:

  1. The North Face Inferno 0F/-18C Sleeping Bag

  2. Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3 Sleeping Bag

  3. Big Agnes – King Solomon 15 Sleeping Bag with 600 DownTek Fill

  4. Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F Sleeping Bag

1. The North Face Inferno 0F/-18C Sleeping Bag:

The North Face Inferno 0F/-18C Sleeping Bag

Are you an avid adventurer who loves to camp during the winter season. If yes, then you need the best quality sleeping bag which will keep you warm during the shivering cold nights. That’s why we have included this top of the line sleeping bag from The North Face which has a temperature rating of 0°F/ -18°C.

Material and Insulation: This sleeping bag is made of high-quality durable nylon. For better insulation and to retain the heat better, this bag is constructed of 800 fill ProDown insulation. The temperature rating of this sleeping bag is 0°F/ -18°C and you will feel very comfortable when the temperature is at 13°F/ -11°C. Whether you go camping in your local campsite or on MountEverest base camp, you will feel warm and cozy in this sleeping bag.


Zipper: Unfortunately, this expensive sleeping bag has a center zipper that opens only half-way. It would be better to see full or long center zipper along with a side zipper. However, the zipper quality is good.


Size: You have the option to choose either regular or long size. The regular size fits up to 6′ (183 cm) while the long: size fits up to 6’7″ (201 cm).  So choose the size according to your height.


Portability: For ease of transportation, this sleeping bag comes with both compression and storage sack. The stuff volume is 10″ x 18″ (25.4 cm x 45.7 cm). This bag packs down very small and you can carry this during your backpacking or hiking expedition, however, few travelers stated that it would be nice if this sleeping bag packed down just a little more.


Additional Features: For storage, this sleeping bag has internal pockets. It also has a hood at the top and if you feel cold you can tighten the hood with the hood cinch-cord. If you forget to bring your pillow, don’t worry, you can fold the hood and use it as a pillow. Most down fill sleeping bag cannot insulate if wet, however, this sleeping bag is water resistant and will keep you warm even if wet.


Conclusion: This is a stylish sleeping bag that is durable and warm and with a generous cut allows you to wear more layers. With the down 800 fill insulation, you will feel cozy and also the touch feels good. The only drawbacks of this sleeping bag are the zipper. They could have provided longer zipper which would add more ventilation during warmer condition and it would make entry and exit much easier. However, this is a great sleeping bag for backpacking, car camping, and hiking adventure during the cold weather.

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2. Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3 Sleeping Bag:

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3 Sleeping Bag

Not willing to spend so much on a sleeping bag like The North Face Inferno yet want a high-quality sleeping bag? Then check out this mummy shaped Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch sleeping bag. Let’s find out what this super-light 800 filled sleeping bag features.


Material and Insulation: The shell is made of 10 denier filament fabric which keeps the weight low. This sleeping bag features Q Sheild 800 fill down insulation that is resistant to moisture and retains maximum loft in damp conditions. The temperature rating of this bag is 3 F / -16 C. The performance mummy shape cut provides maximum warmth with minimum weight.


Zippers: For easy entry and exit, this sleeping bag has durable two-way #5  side zipper. You have the option to choose the zippers position, either on the left side or the on the right side. This sleeping bag features an insulated draft tube to prevent heat from escaping through the zippers. However, if you try to quickly exit the bag, the zipper snags.


Size: Like the North Face Inferno, this sleeping bag also has two sizes, long and regular. The inside length of the regular size is 72″ and the inside length of the long size is 78″.


Portability: This sleeping bag includes durable nylon compression sack and mesh storage sack for carrying and transportation. The weight of regular size is 2 lb 11.4 oz and the long size weighs 2 lb 14.6 oz. So this has a great warmth to weight ratio. You can easily carry this sleeping bag in your next winter hiking or climbing adventure.


Additional Features: Inside this sleeping bag features two stash pockets. One of the pockets has a zipper and the other has velcro which is perfect to store phones, watch, batteries and other small gears. It also features a six-chamber hood which maintains the warmth and keeps you comfortable. This sleeping bag also features a down-filled face gasket which helps to block draft at the hood opening and retains the heat inside.


Conclusion: The build quality of this sleeping bag is good. The comfort temperature rating of this sleeping bag is 16 F / -9 C. The Q Sheild 800 fill down insulation along with the insulated draft tube and down-filled face gasket retains the heat and keeps you warm and cozy inside. This sleeping bag is resistant to condensation and snowmelt, however, it is not as much waterproof as other sleeping bags. Also, the zippers have snagging issues. This is a lightweight sleeping bag and if you plan to go on a hiking, climbing or camping adventures, then this is one of the best sleeping bags for cold weather condition.

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3. Big Agnes – King Solomon 15 Sleeping Bag with 600 DownTek Fill:

Big Agnes - King Solomon 15 Sleeping Bag with 600 DownTek Fill

Are you planning to go on backcountry camping with your partner in cold weather? This King Solomon 15 sleeping bag from Big Agnes fits two people and eliminates the hassle to bring two sleeping bags in your camping or outdoor adventure.

Material and Insulation: The shell of this sleeping bag is made with Polyester mini ripstop microfiber and it features polyester taffeta lining. The shell has a water-repellent finish. For insulation, this bag has 600 fill DownTek water repellent down insulation. So the DownTek fill means you don’t have to worry if it gets moisture on it. The temperature rating is 15-degree Fahrenheit. So this sleeping bag can be used in light winter condition and even in late fall.


Zipper: This sleeping bag has zippers on both of the sides. This makes it convenient to get in and out of the sleeping bag without disturbing your partner. It features 2 #8 YKK Zippers that is durable and easy to open and close.


Size: This is a two-person sleeping bag which can easily fit two adults. You can also sleep with your kid and your partner in this bag. You will have no problem to sleep in this sleeping bag if you are less than 6-feet (72″).


Portability: For transportation and ease of carrying, this sleeping bag includes mesh storage sack & nylon stuff sack. Also, this sleeping bag weighs 4lb 8oz / 2.04kg which is considered lightweight for a two-person sleeping bag. You can take this bag in your backpacking adventure because it packs down very small and this bag is lightweight.


Pad Sleeve: If you twist and roll a lot while sleeping, then you may face the problem of you sleeping bag sliding around. King Solomon solves this problem. This sleeping bag has an integrated pad coupler which can fit two 20″ pad or one 40″ wide pad. The sleeping pad also adds as insulation during the cold nights. However, you have to purchase sleeping pads separately. Our recommended sleeping pad for this bag is the Big Agnes Q Core SLX Super Light Three Season Camping Sleeping Bag Pad (Check Price on Amazon). The regular size fits the sleeping bag perfectly which is 20″x72″ in dimension. 


Additional Features: It has built-in pillow pockets which allow you to tuck in your pillow and sleep comfortably. This sleeping bag also has an ergonomic double wide hood draft tubes along the zippers that is insulated to prevent heat from escaping.


Conclusion: The material used in this sleeping bag is durable and will provide a comfortable sleep during winter nights. The weight of this two-person sleeping bag is lighter than two separate single person sleeping bag. As it packs very small, it is better to carry and travel with this two-person sleeping bag rather than carrying two separate sleeping bag. However, keep in mind that this is a 3 season sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of 15-degree Fahrenheit. So, it is ideal to use this sleeping bag with a sleeping pad in cold weather and you will find this sleeping bag very comfortable and cozy in light cold weather or during late fall.. Nonetheless, this sleeping bag is quite affordable than purchasing two separate sleeping bag. This is a great sleeping bag for hiking, climbing or camping due to its low weight and for this reason, this is the best sleeping bag for cold weather.

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4. Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F Sleeping Bag:

Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F Sleeping Bag

If you love to go on a backpack camping or hiking adventure in winter then the weight of the gears is an important factor. This Eolus 0 degree sleeping bag from Hyke & Byke has a great weight to warmth ratio. This is a new company that specializes in lightweight backpacking tents and sleeping bags. They have less product line than other brands but the quality they provide is excellent. The name of the company says it all. This company is targeting hikers and bikers by offering lightweight gears. So let’s see if this sleeping bag is good enough for you.


Material and Insulation: The shell of this sleeping bag is made of 20-denier ripstop nylon coated with DWR. Ripstop nylon keeps the weight low while making this bag more durable and less stretch. This fabric is water resistant so it can keep out the water and maintain the warmth inside.

This sleeping bag is packed with 700g of 90/100 goose down insulation which is one of the best insulators for warm. Although this sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 0-degree Fahrenheit which is below freezing point, however, at this temperature, you need extra clothes, thick socks, and additional blanket to keep you warm. However, these sleeping bags are most comfortable at 30-degree Fahrenheit.


Zipper: This bag has two large YKK zippers along the right side. Two full-length zippers mean you can unzip the bottom of the bag while keeping it zipped up around your head. So this provides ventilation during warmer condition.


Size: This sleeping bag comes in various size. You have the option to choose from short, regular and long. The length of the short is 72″ and the regular is 78″ while the long is 87″ long. So choose the size according to your height.


Portability: The pack size of this bag is 7″ x 10″ which is very small and good for hiking and backpacking. It also includes compression sack which is very lightweight and tough. The total weight of this sleeping bag is 2.89 / 3.06 / 3.24 lb (short/regular/long).


Conclusion: So the sleeping bag is a tough, durable and well-built sleeping bag that can provide comfort during cold weather. This is a 4 season mummy style sleeping bag that will keep you warm and cozy during cold condition, however, if you hike or backpack where the temperature is not that cold, then check out Hyke & Byke Eolus 15 & 30 Degree F Sleeping Bag (Check Price on Amazon). 

You have the option to choose from different colors. This is a very lightweight sleeping bag. Although the weight of this sleeping bag is slightly more than the Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3 Sleeping Bag, you have to keep in mind that this is an affordable sleeping bag which cost half than the Torch 3 sleeping bag. Nonetheless, this is one of the best sleeping bags for cold weather.

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