Top 2 – Best Survival Tent For Family:

We all like to travel and roam around the world with our family. However, it goes without saying that traveling to malls and eating out is not the ideal way to spend time with your family. Rather, try to go out camping, backpacking or any of that adventurous stuff. Because that is something that will allow you to have a very good time as well as improve the relationship between you and your family. That being said. Camping is not that easy. Especially when you are doing with your family. To start with things, you would want to have a survival tent with you. This is a must. Because without this, you won’t even be able to start camping. So let’s take a look at some survival tents.


Best Survival Tent For Family:

  • Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent.
  • Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent.


1. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent:

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman is a very well known brand in the tent making industry. It goes without saying that their tents are of very high quality. And only those of you who have used it will know how good they are. When you are looking for a survival family tent, you would very much want it to be big and spacious. And the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent surely fills in that criterion. Being 17 ft. X 10 ft, this tent is pretty tall. Giving you good space and decent headroom while you are inside.

However, space and size are just one of the many features that this tent has. There is much more to it. When you are going camping with your family. It is very obvious that someone might very well want their own privacy. And that is completely okay. There is nothing wrong with it. To enhance the privacy inside the tent, there are room dividers inside the tent. These dividers not only separates the space inside the tent. But will also give you privacy inside the tent. Be it while getting a good sleep or changing clothes.

Whenever we think of a survival tent, the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is durability at all costs. A survival tent must be able to go through it all. No matter what. If you have gone camping before, then you will very much know that conditions tend to get really adverse at times. And you would always want to stay dry and safe in the worst of conditions. Fortunately, you can stay safe inside this tent at all times. Thanks to something called Weathertec System. This particular system and technology ensure that you and your family does not get wet or come into contact with water. We all know how important this is. As the lightest of showers can ruin the camping trip if you are not carrying the right tent. It is not just in the monsoon or rainy season. But the Coleman will also keep you comfortable during the summer or the warmer days as well. No matter how humid or cold the environment might be. This tent will be able to handle it all. As this tent has something called Cool-Air ports and an adjustable ventilation system. It will allow good airflow to keep you cool inside. Truth be told, there aren’t many tents out there in the market that can protect you even in the winter time. However, this tent is an exception. After testing it out on sub-zero temperatures. We found staying in this tent as comfortable as ever.

There goes a saying that the bigger the tent. The harder it is to set up. However, you would second that when you use the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent. Despite being such a huge tent. This is immensely easy to set up. Saving you all the time in this world. All you will need to do is set up the shock-corded poles by following the easy instructions provided. And you would be good to go. The design and architecture of a tent are very important. Keeping aesthetics aside, the design of this tent is very smart. And the design is what really makes this tent so big and spacious. Not only is there space for 8 people inside. But you can also keep your camping gear in as well. Be it duffel bags, backpacks or whatever. However, that doesn’t mean that this tent is not good looking. It surely has some good aesthetics. And this cannot be said for large tents like these. The dome-shaped ceiling really does make the tent more durable during weary weather conditions.

As we mentioned before, Coleman is a very high quality and well-known brand. You will surely never go wrong with its products. The thing with survival family tents is that there aren’t many of them out there. Especially when you keep the family point into consideration. Out of just a few tents at disposal. This is surely one of the best ones out there.


  • Exceptionally large, even for an 8 person tent.
  • Room dividers allow good privacy.
  • Waterproof floor and ceiling.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Very durable.
  • Well designed.
  • High-quality product.


  • A big tent means it is a bit tough to carry around.


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2. Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent:

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent

Just like Coleman, Kelty is also a very famous and reputed brand. And their Grand Mesa 4 Tent is one of their best selling products. So what it is that made this tent earn such good reviews and ratings. Let’s take a look. While most manufacturers out there are making good quality tents, the problem with them is the pricing. Prices are very high when it comes to survival tents. However, Kelty takes a very different approach and mixes the best of both worlds with a product that is a complete value for money. Judging it by its looks, you might think that this tent is very small and compact and does not have enough space inside for your family. However, this is a misconception. The Grand Mesa can easily accommodate 4 people without any hassle whatsoever. The small footprint, however, does help to carry the tent around more easily.

When you are going camping, it goes without saying that you would want to pack as light as possible. WIth also carrying all the necessary things. And as you all might know. Carrying tents are not easy. Fortunately, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent comes with a pouch where you can easily store your tent and carry it around. You can also put other extra things inside as well. The build quality and construction of this backpack is something that will surely take your breath away. It is not just the outer part. But the floor is also made from a high-quality 68D material. Being a 3 season tent, this can take on all adverse weather conditions at ease. This tent is very easy to set up. As it has only two poles and the design and the shape of the tent are so compact. This really can be set up just within a few minutes. Coming back to the build of the tent, the upper part is made from a high-quality mesh material. This will prevent water from entering your tent. And also keep you dry and cool during the summer.

There really isn’t much to talk about this tent. Other than the fact that it is a very good and high-quality one. No matter in which part of the world you go camping. The Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent will always be there for your survival no matter what.


  • Well designed and well made.
  • High-quality tent.
  • Looks good.



  • Being a 4 person tent, this has only one door.



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In today’s world of easy online shopping. It goes without saying that you can get access to loads of different products in one single place. While this has it’s advantages. There are problems with it as well. You see, tents are something that is a very sensitive item. If you do not get the right one, it can completely ruin your camping trip. That being said, there aren’t many different survival tents out there in the market. And even if there are. They are not very good. Low-quality tents might look very tempting because of their cheap prices. But in all honesty, we would definitely suggest you do not get those. Because we have tested these tents ourselves and we know how bad they perform. Rather spend a bit and try to get the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent or the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent. They will surely be worth the money you pay.

However, if you have other survival tent options in mind, one thing that you would want to check out beforehand is their waterproofing capabilities. It goes without saying that you would always want to stay safe and secured when you are going out camping with your family. This is why we would suggest you make sure that the tent you are getting is fully waterproofed. Starting from the ceiling to the floor. It must be able to stop water from penetrating at all times.