3 Best Tent For Backpacking With Dog:

A Man’s Best Friend:

They say that you should never go camping alone. It just isn’t that fun. Rather you should try to go with people and companions. Be it your friends, family or whatever. However, we believe that camping is one sort of meditation. And meditation is the best when there are the least amount of people involved. Now, we aren’t saying that you would need to go camping alone at all times. But, a few days out in the woods with your dog alongside you and embracing the nature together is every introvert’s dream. They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. And they surely aren’t wrong. As adorable as they are. They are angels who chose fur instead of wings.

However, as easy as it may sound. Taking your dog for backpacking to different destinations isn’t that flexible. You will need to realize that carrying a dog alone with you will mean that you have to be much more responsible. Because unlike a human being, a dog won’t be able to cooperate properly with you while traveling. Let alone follow orders. However, if you are planning to bring your dog with you on a backpacking trip, you surely can. And we are here to help you with that. Over this article, we will be talking in depth about all the things that you would need to know before stepping out there backpacking with your dog. And in addition to all of that, we will also be talking about the best tents for backpacking with a dog.

A Dog Is Like A Child:

Since you have decided to bring your dog along with you, it goes without saying that you would need to make some certain preparations beforehand. And as we mentioned, be extra careful and responsible. Traveling with a dog is no less than traveling with a kid. This is why before you head out, you need to keep some things in mind and carry a few extra things. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Your dog cannot starve around the woods for days and days. It would not be healthy for them as well. And do not ever think and rely on the fact that your dog will find something to eat in the woods. They are not wild animals, so they won’t. Be sure to bring your dog food along with you. It is immensely necessary, even if it does take up a bit of space. In addition to that, you just cannot spill dog food anywhere and expect your dog to eat from there. If you have trained it well enough then it would need a bowl. Now, before you go on a rant saying that carrying a dog bowl will eat up all your space. We have a solution for you. Something like the Ruffwear – Quencher Waterproof, Collapsible Dog Bowl would be helpful in this case(check it out on Amazon). It is lightweight, folds down easily and gives your dog the opportunity to enjoy a good meal.

Bring A Leash:

When you are bringing a dog with you, it will surely want to jump, move and play around. No matter how good of a boy he might be, he won’t listen at those times. That doesn’t mean that you cannot let your dog free while you are traveling. You surely can. What we want to say is that you should bring a leash for your dog with you so that you can always keep your dog close to yourself and prevent it from running away. We would suggest something like the OllyDog MTN Spring Leash. It is around six feet long and pretty flexible as well. Check out this leash on Amazon.

What Type Of Tents Should You Be Looking Out For?

Now, as you might very well know. There are a ton of different tents out there. And you will also see that we talk about them often in our articles. There is a different type of tent for every type of travel or camping. Nonetheless, keeping today’s topic in hand. If you are looking to go backpacking with your dog then getting a backpacking tent will be your best option. Mainly because as you will be going backpacking. You would want to pack as less as possible. And most normal tents out there are pretty large and difficult to carry. A backpacking tent will be the much better option overall.


Best Tent For Backpacking With Dog:

  • Zion 2P Two Person Lightweight Tent and Footprint.
  • WolfWise 2 Person 3-4 Season Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent.
  • Portable Dog Tent Pet.



1. Zion 2P Two Person Lightweight Tent and Footprint:

Zion 2P Two Person Lightweight Tent and Footprint

In the midst of so many different types of cheap and expensive backpacking tents out there. The Zion 2P Two Person Lightweight Tent and Footprint hit the sweet stop. We believe that the price it sports is pretty affordable for most of you out there. This backpacking tent features a very nice dual tone color design. However, it is more than the looks that this Zion 2P is capable of. The very first thing that we would want to talk about it is its weight. When you are backpacking, you would want to carry as light as possible. And this tent will surely help you with that. Weighing at only 3lbs, it goes without saying that you won’t even feel anything while carrying it. In addition, it also has a very small footprint as well.

Most backpacking tents for two people usually tend to be pretty small. However, with the Zion 2P, this is definitely not the case. You can surely fit in comfortably with your dog inside this. On the entry, it has two big doors. And big doors are key when you are going traveling with a dog. Because your dog will be able to get in more easily. Pockets, compartments, and vestibules are a key factor in small tents. Luckily, this tent has four mesh pockets, a gear loft, and double vents. The additional kickstand will make sure that setting this tent up is easy. The build quality of this tent is surprisingly very good. The outer is made from a 3,000 mm silicon/PU waterproofing. This material will keep you and your dog dry and safe at all times. All of this may seem pretty simple and common. But, the 3,000 mm silicon/PU is something really distinctive and is something that you usually find on more expensive tents.

Since you will be all alone and won’t have anyone else to help you. You would want to have a tent that is super easy to set up. And the Zion 2P with its flexibles poles, lightweight structure, and small footprint can be set up in a jiffy. Despite being so light and small, the Zion 2P is still a very durable backpacking tent. Thanks to the use of high quality 40D ripstop silnylon material on the floor and 20D ripstop silnylon/PU on the fly. It will surely stand strong under all circumstances. In addition, the poles and stakes are made out of 7000 series aluminum. So they are very unlikely to break.


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2. WolfWise 2 Person 3-4 Season Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent:

 WolfWise 2 Person 3 and 4 Season Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent

Sleeping in a tent with your dog can be quite a troublesome affair at times. Especially if the tent you are using isn’t spacious enough. Sometimes even two-person tents can run small if you are looking to stay with your dog. If you are looking for something a bit different and also spacious enough, then the WolfWise 2 Person 3-4 Season Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent would be ideal for you. Now, when we say it’s different, it’s not in a negative way. Rather, the looks and aesthetics of this tent are a bit distinctive. This is because it includes a LED light stand. Now, while some of you might think that this is unnecessary, we personally think that it really comes handy. Especially if you are carrying a dog around with you.

This tent uses very high-quality materials. Starting off with the poles. They are made from aviation grade materials. Making them extremely lightweight and immensely durable. Setting this tent up is also comparatively easy if you go through the instructions thoroughly and follow them accordingly. Just like the poles, the fabric used here is also of very high quality. It is made from a 190T embossed polyester and ventilating mesh mix. Giving you the best of both worlds. The material works nicely along with the double stitched seams and taping to give you a waterproof tent at all costs.

This tent also comes with a number of extra things as well. This includes a rain fly, roof light, carrying bag, wind rope, two shock-corded poles, and eight tent stakes. For something that only costs around $70. This is truly a bargain.


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3. Portable Dog Tent Pet:

Portable Dog Tent Pet

Enough with all the backpacking tents. Since you are going out traveling with your dog, it is very important that your dog gets a chance to play around in one of his own tents as well. Something like the Portable Dog Tent Pet from YooYoo will be really helpful. It is a small, lightweight. Yet very well made and durable dog tent. The polyester material used on it is very durable and will keep your dog comfortable at all times. Even if your dog never sleeps without you, you can always carry this one nonetheless with your backpacking tent. Just in case, the adorable dog wants to have some fun on its own.


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