Best Backcountry Hunting Packs Review with Buying Guide

Leisure time for years has always been associated with just free and relaxing opportunity. As time passed by, the notion has had a huge turn.

Today, leisure time is not only viewed as a relaxing moment but also an opportunity to earn extra income and importantly, to have an adventure.

Hunting has become one of the most famous and rapidly growing sport. In fact, people take time to even compete professionally.

However, many people do not understand the importance of having a proper hunting backpack. In this article, we shall analyze the top best backcountry hunting packs available in the market.

Consequently, we will provide a guide on things you ought to look for while shopping.

Top 5 Best Backcountry Hunting Packs Review

Many assume that any bag can be suitable for hunting as long as it looks strong. However, there are special packs you ought to get for your hunting escapades. Below are the real deal bags available in the market!

  1. Tenzing TZ 4000 Backcountry Hunting and Hiking Pack with Rain Fly
  2. Badlands Sacrifice Camouflage Hunting Pack
  3. Eberlestock X2 Pack
  4. ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack
  5. HUNTRITE Camo Hunting Pack

  1. Tenzing TZ 4000 Backcountry Hunting and Hiking Pack with Rain Fly:

Tenzing TZ 4000 Backcountry Hunting and Hiking Pack with Rain Fly

When every shopper is trying to look for an ideal bag, we all want a strong and good looking bag. Importantly, it ought to be big enough to accommodate all your luggage. With the Tenzing TZ 4000, you are definitely guaranteed of all this.

It has external frames to ensure that it holds your bag in shape even with the heaviest luggage in it. The frames strays are made of aluminum.

Also, to ensure you are comfortable, the torso suspensions are adjustable for flexibility. Again, you are less likely to feel the weights as your hip sides are well puffed for proper support.

Due to the external frame, there is enough space left between your back and the bag, hence limiting sweating. It also has extra hooks and side pockets that can act as gun pouches or boots hooks.



  • Easy opening of the main compartment
  • Rainproof coating
  • Expandable and large meat compartment
  • Extra pockets and hooks that act as extra pocket space
  • Pockets are expandable
  • Water bottle hooking


  • Stitching, especially on the joining parts, are not that strong
  • Zippers are quite common hence prone to breaking

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  1. Badlands Sacrifice Camouflage Hunting Pack:

Badlands Sacrifice Camouflage Hunting Pack

There are bags that you may buy and feel that they are quite heavy when empty. This may be much hectic when the pack is filled with items, especially meat from your hunting escapades. With the Badlands Sacrifice, you can forget such issues.

The manufacturers have made it so light that you will almost feel as though it is empty even when fully filled. The interior is made perfect to ensure all stuff stay dry.

This camouflage hunting bag comes with a frame that is hyper vented. This, in turn, ensures that there is ample space left between your back and the bag to minimize sweating.

Consequently, the bag comes with a gun holder, boots hook, and the hip pockets are puffed to limit any difficulties and weight of the load. The main compartments are also large and easy to access from almost three points. Its straps are also strong to ensure your load is held intact.



  • The strong aluminum frame keeps the bag in the shape required
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant fabric
  • Has an option of installing a hydration system
  • Expandable extra pockets and hooks on the sides


  • The waterproof feature may at times leak
  • Pockets are quite small

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  1. Eberlestock X2 Pack:

Eberlestock X2 Pack

It is every hunter’s desire to have a pack that is not only durable but also strong and classy. This gets more interesting when you have a combination all these great features at a very favorable price.

The Eberlextock X2 pack is a combination of all the above-mentioned features. In addition, it is light and large to accommodate all your belongings. Class, toughness, and affordability are the main aim of the manufacturer. It has a large hydration pocket that can be incorporated while on hunting escapades.

This special pack comes with a hydration compartment that has dual functionality. Consequently, the lashings are made in such a way that they can be able to accommodate the heaviest of loads while keeping the bag in shape.

The pockets and the main storage space are also easy to access. Its aluminum frame is also strong and keeps your back free of sweat. Others features include a torso strap that is adjustable and offers support to ease the luggage load. You will also find a gun holder section and hunting rifle holder.



  • A perfect aluminum frame for holding the bag in the shape
  • Strong straps for easy lifting of the pack even with heavy loads
  • Strong zippers with overhead flips
  • Waterproof
  • The main pocket can be reached through two points


  • Straps, especially the chest ones do not last long
  • Quite heavy when fully loaded

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  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack:

ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack

When we make an investment for anything, there is always that feeling of wanting to have the value of money spent. Bags can be disappointing at times and may easily wear out faster than expected, especially hunting ones. The durability of such bags is then important since the terrains are tough.

The ALPS OutdoorZ TrailBlazer manufacturers have made such issues sorted. Their bag is made strong to accommodate any tough terrain you can come across. The bag is made out of a quality fabric that can withstand scratches of any kind.

Again, it has quite large pockets that can be expanded to provide extra storage space. Its main compartment is sectioned to ensure systemic storage of your belongings. Accordingly, the outer has extra meshed pockets and hooks that act as extra storage.

There is also a hydration pocket and an outer rain cover. More so, the extra hooks can be used as a gun holder section or a rifle holder. It is also quite light compared to other bags.



  • Large and well sectioned main compartment ensures proper arrangement
  • Expandable pockets and side hooks for extra space
  • Strong and durable straps
  • Scratch resistant fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Zippers protected by a rainproof flip


  • Frames are not that good hence chances of back sweating are high

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  1. HUNTRITE Camo Hunting Pack:

HUNTRITE Camo Hunting Pack

Hunting sometimes can be just a simple leisure time activity. You hence may not need a very large bag, as sometimes, you may not need to carry the kill with you. It is reasonable to have a quality bag that is enough to carry small loads that are just essential for a few minutes leisure time.

The HUNTRITE Camo is the ideal provider of such a pack. This is a simple bag that is small but spacious enough to accommodate all the essentials you need. The bag is made tough to be able to resist scratches or tear.

Again, its fabric is an all-weather round resistant in that you can have all your items at a state you want. It is perfect to carry snacks and other refreshments as the interior come well sectioned. The bag has two large major storage areas.

It also has side pockets and hooks that offer extra storage space. The shoulder straps are long. This is for the purpose of reducing the weight of the load. They also puff the shoulder of the straps for comfort.

There is also a waist belt that is adjustable and supports the entire weight of the bag. The zippers are also protected by a water-resistant flip.



  • Two main large compartments
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Scratch and tear resistant
  • Ample extra storage space
  • Easy to access gun component
  • Long straps to offset luggage heaviness


  • Straps are not that strong
  • Back is not suitable for heavy loads

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What Makes a Perfect Hunting Pack?

While the above review may be very helpful, there are several things that you ought to know that makes a perfect hunting pack.

Below is a buyer’s guide that will complement the reviewed product for a perfect shopping experience of your ideal bag.



A lot of you may be asking themselves, how does design make a perfect bag? Well, the design, in this perspective does not mean the entire look but some additions. Look at it as extra spaces for extra storage space. Look at it as a larger compartment area for your meat storage.

In short, look for a bag that has extra side pockets, hooks, and a gun holder. A properly designed bag will ensure that you have all your belongings as one pack.



There is always lots of confusion here and many shoppers end up being victims. You will find bags that may have quite almost same features. However, one happens to be cheap than the other.

Many will go for the expensive with a thought of superiority, yet the two are same. It is important to understand that there are companies that also sell their brand name. But what is important is the bag, not the brand.

Ensure that you have checked before buying or else you may end up spending a lot on something you could have got elsewhere at half the price.



Hunting bags in most cases have two types of frames. They are either internal or external.  A pack which has the safety of meat storage and comfortability of the luggage means you have one of the best backcountry hunting packs.

We cannot dispute the fact that somehow both frames have their merits and demerits. However, it is advisable that you go for those with an external frame.

One of their advantages is that they provide extra support especially if you have made quite a kill on you hunting game, allow for proper air flow to eliminate sweating, and keeps the bag in shape.

External frames are also quite strong. Make sure that you go for what suits the baggage you carry.



This is arguably the most important thing to look out for. You do not want to get home in a blood-soaked shirt or a dripping bag. Ensure that when you buy a hunting pack, you go for those that are water resistant and durable.

Again, since hunting involves many tricky paths full of thorns, go for a pack that is scratch resistant. Do not let an attractive looking bag cloud your judgment. The fabric you go for will determine the durability of the bag. Spend on something worth.


Stitching Techniques

Most bag manufacturers know one key weakness of every shopper, attraction! They will hence have a bag that is so good looking by creating a combination of eye-catching colors.

However, remember, you need a strong bag that will not easily tear from the thick forest vegetation. The strongest part of your bag is stitched. Go for the double stitched bags as they are the best, especially at the two joining parts. The better the stitching, the likelihood your bag will last longer.


Final Verdict

From the review above and the buyer’s guide we have provided, I am certain it is enough to help you get the best backcountry hunting packs. However, what you have to remember is that you will always be the judge.

Ensure whatever you go for is not what attracts you but quality. Importantly, buy from legit shops and distributors to avoid cases of counterfeits. Otherwise, with this guide and review, you have options to choose from so, go for any of the above bags. They are worth your money.