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Camping and hiking is a fun thing to do. However, if you go on camping or hiking alone, you need to have a tent that will protect you from bugs, uncertain weather condition and most importantly a place to sleep or spend the day. There are lots of solo tents available in the market which will leave you bewildered. You also need a backpacking tent because they tend to be lightweight and easy to carry. So among all the options, which ones are the best one man tent for backpacking?

To save your time and make it simple, we have gathered some of the best solo backpacking tents that will make your expedition more enjoyable and give you more protection. We have done extensive research and we have arranged this list of best backpacking tent for camping around a variety of price range. So even if you are on a tight budget, you will find this article helpful and can purchase the best budget backpacking tent.


Things to consider:

Price: To buy a good one man backpacking tent, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. If you are on a tight budget, low priced tents will do the work. However, if you are willing to get a great quality tent that will last years, and make your camping enjoyable, it is wise and logical to spend a little more on the tent.

Weight: If you travel a lot or need to walk miles with your backpacking tent, then choosing an ultralight tent is crucial. Lightweight tents make hiking more entertaining and less painful. To make your camping and hiking enjoyable, we have chosen tents that have less weight than others.

Wall construction: There are basically two types of wall construction in tents: Double wall and single wall tent. Most hikers and campers prefer double wall tents because they have two separate wall- the tent body and a rainfly. Double wall tents have nearly zero internal condensation so you will have a dry tent which is really helpful to keep your gears dry. However, double wall tents are normally heavier than single wall tent

Single wall tents are made of single-wall fabric and this reduces the tent’s weight. However, they are not great for rainy or humid weather. If you camp in a dry or cold weather condition, buying a single wall tent is a great choice. However, the double wall construction really shines in humid or rainy weather or when you need to keep your gears dry and safe.


Best One Man Tent For Backpacking:


  1. Big Agnes – Copper Spur UL Backpacking Tent mtnGLO 
  2. MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent
  3. Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent
  4. Luxe Tempo 1 Person 4 Season Freestanding Backpacking Tent

1. Big Agnes – Copper Spur UL Backpacking Tent mtnGLO 

Big Agnes - Copper Spur UL Backpacking Tent mtnGLO 

Heard of Big Agnes? I bet you did. They are very popular brand among campers because they provide premium quality camping, hiking and trekking gears. If you are not constraint by budget and want a premium solo tent for backpacking, then you should check out this tent from Big Agnes.


Build Quality & Material:

This is a high quality double-walled solo backpacking tent. The tent body is made using breathable ripstop nylon and polyester mesh. The rainfly and the floor are also constructed of ripstop nylon. Both the fly and the floor is coated with 1200mm waterproof polyurethane which makes this good for rainy weather.

You are getting a durable tent because the fly and floor are weaved high filament count and high
tenacity yarn. This increases the strength of fabric tear by 25% while improving water resistant and keeping the weight low.

This tent features DAC Featherlite NFL pole system. With this pole system, you can easily and quickly set up and take down this solo tent.

The trail which includes the tent body, rainfly and the poles only weigh only 2lb 3oz (992g). You can further reduce the weight by using the fast fly setup which includes only the tent, footprint, and pole. This setup only weighs around 1 lb 10oz. However, the footprint is not included with the tent, so you have to buy them separately.



You are getting a tent that is very spacious and roomy inside. With a floor area of 20 sq.ft and head height of 38″, you can easily move, change and sit up. It is also possible to fit 2 people in this spacious tent however, it is not recommended if you will spend a lot of time in it.

This tent also features one vestibule that has a floor area of 9 sq.ft.  This large vestibule space can be used to store large backpacks and gears without blocking entrance and exit to the tent. The living space is improved by crossover pole and steep wall construction.

The one door with large dual zippers ensures easy entry and smooth closure. You are also getting 3 interior mesh pockets to keep your phones, water bottle and gears handy along with one media pocket. Personally, I would give this solo tent the highest score in the livability ranking.


mtnGLO LED Tent Lighting System:

Big Agnes - Copper Spur UL Backpacking Tent mtnGLO 1 

This premium solo backpacking tent also offers more than great quality and livability. This tent features Big Agnes patten-pending mtnGLO lighting technology. You are getting LED lights to light up your tent’s interior. This is a great convenience for reading at night or finding your gears.

You are also getting a simple push button controller to control the mtnGLO lighting system. With the controller, you can turn the light on, off and change the brightness to 50%. The controller only requires three AAA batteries to operate. With this tent ultralight solo backpacking tent, camping at night is more enjoyable and fun.


Copper Spur UL Backpacking Tent Overview




Overall, I think this solo backpacking tent maintains the durability while keeping the weight low. The tent being so ultra light offers a very roomy interior is just outstanding. The mtnGLO lighting system is one of the key features of this tent that differentiates this tent from others. All this premium features has forced us to keep this on our list of best one man tent for backpacking.


What we like: The tent is extremely light yet very very spacious and easy to set up. The mtnGLO lighting makes this a great tent for night campers. Premium build quality with enhanced durability. Three-season freestanding solo backpacking tent.

What we don’t like: Footprint not included. So to take the advantage of fast fly, you need to buy the footprint separately. When it comes to extreme wind or harsh terrain, this tent is not so great.

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2. MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent

MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent

Here is another premium quality solo backpacking tent.  MSRGear provides one of the most premia and high-quality tents. The Hubba NX 1-person tent is one of the most liked and popular tents among campers because it offers a great value for the money. MSR claims that this backpacking tent is their best selling freestanding solo tent.


Build Quality & Material:

This double-walled backpacking tent features 20D ripstop nylon tent body and rainfly while the floor material is 30D ripstop nylon. The rainfly is coated with 1200mm Durashield while the floor is coated with 3000mm Durashield. This makes this tent useable in rainy weather.

This tent features 1 DAC Featherlite NFL pole. So you can easily and quickly set up and pack up this tent with the unified hub-and-pole system with color-coded clips

The minimum weight is 2lb 7oz (2.12kg) which includes the tent, rainfly, and the poles. You can go lighter by using Fast & Light setup option which weighs only 1lb 10oz (0.73 kg). This setup includes just the rainfly, poles, and the footprint. However, the footprint is not included with the tent, so you have to buy it separately.

The Large StayDry entrance has built-in rain gutter that channels water away. This means you dry when getting in and out of the tent.

This is a 3-season high-quality tent that is usable in humid, rainy and warm weather. Although this can be used in cold weather, however, it is not recommended.



This tent has a floor area of 18 sq.ft and a peak height of 36-inches. So this pretty roomy for one person and you can easily move around, sit-up and even change in this tent. Also, the DAC  pole setup maximizes the head and shoulder space.

This tent features 1 door and lots of mesh for ventilation. Condensation is nearly zero thanks to its kickstand rainfly vent. At only 18 x 6 inch packed size, this tent for backpacking is ultra-compact and fun to travel with. Storing your large bags and gears is not a headache when you have a 9 sq.ft vestibule.



Although this backpacking tent has less space, headroom and weighs more than the Big Agnes – Copper Spur, this tent is not bad for 1 person. You also need to consider that you are paying less than the Copper Spur. 

Overall, I personally think this is the best one man tent for backpacking that has the perfect balance between livability and weight. If you want a solo backpacking tent that is premium, has less weight and won’t hold you back from hiking or camping then definitely check out this product.


What we like: One of the best value tent for the money. Lightweight, fast and easy to set up. Good balance between livability and weight. Versatile and holds up against the rainy weather. Freestanding and rated 3 season tent.

What we don’t like: Footprint not included with the tent. Although this is good for light rain, some user faced rain coming inside in heavy rainy weather.

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3. Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent

Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent

Although the Big Agnes – Copper Spurs and the MSR Hubba NX 1 are camper’s dream backpacking tent, they are also very pricey and will bite your pocket. So if you are looking for a mid-budget and affordable tent, then Eureka Spitfire 1 Tent is the one you should look forward. 

Eureka has been the support and companion of many campers. They provide various camping products at different price range. With Eureka Spitfire, camping cannot go wrong.


Build Quality & Material:

This is also a double walled 3 season backpacking tent. The inner body, floor, and the rainfly are constructed with 75 deniers 190T polyester taffeta. You are getting a breathable inner body along with rainfly and floor coated with 1800mm StormShield polyester

The minimum weight of this tent is 2lbs 12oz which is little heavier than the Big Agnes – Copper Spurs and the MSR Hubba NX 1 but you will not feel much difference. The weight increase is mainly due to the use of heavier and robust fabric that enhances both durability and versatility. 

This is a 2-pole hoop style non-freestanding tent that includes DAC Featherlite 7000 Aluminum pole. It takes 2Steel Skewer stake to secure the tent. As this is a non-freestanding tent, it is not as easy and quick to set up as a freestanding tent. With a freestanding tent, you can pick up your tent and move to any terrain which is not possible with this non-freestanding tent.

This solo backpacking tent also features fly vent for enhanced ventilation and reduce condensation. It is a rainproof tent and the tent’s floor and main fly seams are factory taped which enhances usability in bad weather condition.



The floor area is similar to the MSR Hubba 1 and the interior peak height is 40 inches. Although this is less roomy than the Big Agnes – Copper Spurs, you are getting more headroom with this tent. So with this tent, you can easily sit up even if you are a tall person.

This tent features 1 door and 1 vestibule. However, the vestibule is quite smaller than the Copper Spurs and Hubba NX 1. You get 2 storage pockets inside the tent.



This tent is designed for novice or intermediary campers. You are getting a great performance along with extraordinary value for the money. Although this is not the lightest backpacking tent out on the market, however, you are getting a durable and sturdy tent that will last years with little care.

This tent features lots of mesh which enhances ventilation and you are also getting ample amount of headroom with this tent. Overall, this is one of the best one man tent for backpacking if you consider the value of the money.


What we like: High center height offers more headroom. Durable tent fabric along with good ventilation. Lightweight and feel roomy.

What we don’t like: Footprint not included with the tent. It is a non-freestanding tent with a small vestibule.

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4. Luxe Tempo 1 Person 4 Season Freestanding Backpacking Tent

Luxe Tempo 1 Person 4 Season Freestanding Backpacking Tent 

Here is another affordable and budget camping tent. This Luxe Tempo 1 Person Backpacking Tent has a lot to offer. This is a 4 season freestanding backpacking tent at an affordable price. This tent also comes with footprint! If you are looking for an affordable, good quality 4-season solo backpacking tent that will keep you warm in cold weather, check this product. So what makes this the best one man tent for backpacking? Let’s find out.


Build Quality & Material:

The inner body of this tent is constructed of 210T polyester breathable fabric. This tent comes with footprint and the footprint is constructed of 210T PU ripstop polyester. Both the footprint and the tent floor is coated with polyester.

The rainfly is the main highlight of this tent. The rainfly is constructed of Ultralight 20-deniers 360T SilNylon. This means it is an 8000mm silicone coated nylon. Silnylon is more robust, abrasion and UV-rays resistance than polyester. The rainfly has a slippery surface and can shed off rain and snow quickly.

This tent features large mesh screen window which enhances ventilation in summer. This all-season doubled layer backpacking tent keeps you warm in winter yet has excellent ventilation for use in warm weather. Also, the inner tent features  2 mesh windows with fabric liner that keeps out cold wind and keeps you warm.

This tent comes with 8.5mm aluminum folding pole and durable fly setup system. To enjoy all of this features, you have to sacrifice the lightweight. This tent weighs 4.18lb / 1.9kg (footprint included) and the trail Weighs 3.3lb. So this is not an ultralight solo backpacking tent, however, traveling with this tent will give you more protection from the weather with enhanced tent life.



This budget backpacking tent has a similar floor area as the Copper Spurs! So at such a low price, you are getting a spacious and roomy solo backpacking tent. The peak height is 39.3 inches which give you more headroom. This tent also features side pockets to store your phones and gears.

This tent features 2 doors and 2 vestibules! Yes, you read it correctly. This affordable tent is packed with lots of features. Although the 6.8 sq.ft vestibules are not spacious, however, you can store your backpacks and other gears there. As this tent comes with 2 vestibules, you can use one to store your gears and bags and the others to have an easy and clean entrance and exit.



With this 4 season backpacking tent, you are getting more than what you are paying. With excellent ventilation and Silnylon rain fly, you can use this tent all season around. Overall, I think this tent is one of the perfect affordable backpacking tents with a very spacious interior.


What we likeFinally, a solo backpacking tent that comes with a footprint. Durable water-resistant, and UV protection 4 season tent. This 2 door, 2 vestibules freestanding tent is very roomy and spacious.

What we don’t like: If you travel miles walking with your tent on your backpack, then this tent might cause you some problem. Because this tent is not the ultra-lightweight backpacking tent as the trails weigh 3.3lb.

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