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Binance Affiliate Program Review

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No matter what your status is as a blogger, influencer, website owner, affiliate marketer or newcomer to this area of business you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Binance Affiliate Program which involves joining instructions and its commission structure. We will also offer some advice on driving traffic and monetizing your efforts through Binance.

Get into Binance Affiliate Program

Even though I could easily say “do this; do that” for Binance it may not be what you need. Perhaps you are in one of these two categories:

The Experienced Marketer: You know what you’re doing but you want something new. If that’s the case then join right away by clicking above and sign up for earning money. Feel free to skip the rest of the content.

The Rookie Affiliate: Stay for some time if this is your first time in the game. Success as an affiliate marketer especially with regards to working with Binance lies in understanding affiliate marketing basics online. This includes:

Building a high-converting website that provides value to visitors.

Driving SEO traffic using organic and paid channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram ads and display advertising.

For those who want to scale their promotions they can start with remarketing or native advertising or even email marketing. Alternatively, focus on one core area like SEO or building email lists can see you excel and make more money per client.

Understanding Binance

Binance is also called the best exchange platform globally where over 600 crypto assets are being traded today. Its daily trading volume stands at $76 billion while its users are more than 90 million worldwide meaning that there is less than 0.1% transaction fee. Registering is not a difficult task hence paving way for your affiliate journey.

Commission Structure and Payment Terms

Here’s what attracts many to Binance’s affiliate program:

Commissions: Affiliates can earn 50% in commissions from every qualified sale as well as the opportunity of getting lifetime revenue through active referrals. Furthermore, the cookie duration for this particular offer has been set at 90 days making it accessible globally.

Payment Terms: Due to Binance being a global platform, people from all over the world are engaged with its affiliate marketing program. Targeting individuals, crypto leaders, and businesses, payments are made directly to your Binance crypto wallet, with easy bank transfers.

Brief Recap of Binance Affiliate Program


Direct payment in cryptocurrency to your Binance wallet.

The chance to earn more money by holding on currencies.

Attractive commission rates and cookie duration.

Performance-based rewards.


Only accepting cryptocurrencies for payments.

Account verification needed before payment is made.

Final Words

If you have read until here and feel prepared for that, please click join button above on this article to begin your journey as a Binance affiliate. On the other hand, if you have just started with affiliate marketing consider taking our digital marketing master course together with signing up. It equips you with skills needed for success in online business including affiliate marketing among others!

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